Jam Cruise Portrait Series

Keller Williams & Martin Sexton

Keller Williams

As a performer, what makes Jam Cruise special for you?

I'm a fan before I'm a performer. So, the obvious is the most special for me: The music. The bands; The energy; The big beautiful theater rocking back and forth (literally); funky music in the middle of the night in a low ceiling club. Also special: Being high as a banshee on the top deck, cruising fast in the middle of the ocean, the moon casting shadows, a band like Jazz Mandolin Project with Jon Fishman and Oteil Burbridge playing sheer perfection on the outdoor stage below. Mmmmmmmm good. That's special.

What specifically can you tell us about the photo shoot?

The theme behind this Jam Cruise photo - which was Michael Weintrob's idea - was me and Marty in a Chinese restaurant as waiters. The mood was easy to set for this picture since it was real - we were really fighting. You see, not only are Martin and I 9th degree black belts in Kung Su (a cross between Kung Fu and Jujitsu) but the Sexton and Williams family have been feuding for many generations, something about a great great great great great grandfather hitting on a great great great great great grandmother. I can't remember whose. But the possibility of us being related exists, and each time we meet we battle. Just as our fathers before us did and theirs did before them, and so on. Just like the way our sons shall battle each other to defend family honor. The shot was taken when I was delivering the ancient Williams signature throat-poke, which shifted his trachea and ended the battle. I had to perform an immediate tracheotomy (with a scalpel that I carry for such an occasion) to bring Martin back to life so he could fight again one day.

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