Jam Cruise Portrait Series

Zach Gill - ALO

As a performer, what makes Jam Cruise special for you?

Jam Cruise holds a special place in my heart. I guess what sets it apart is that by its nature everyone is sort of forced to participate. Once it sets sail everyone is on the adventure together. Most gigs you are barely there - you arrive in the town or festival and you are gone the next day. With Jam Cruise everyone is more or less there for the entire thing and that's what makes it fun. I love the hang. As a musician and a fan I get to see and talk with some of my favorite musicians in the world. I love it.

What about the event lent itself to a photo shoot of this nature?

The fact that there are multiple uniform collections on board helps a lot. The vibe on Jam Cruise is so playful that when someone hands you a waiter's outfit and asks you to put it on, you don't question it.

What specifically can you tell us about the photo shoot?

I believe the costumes were Michael's idea, but it's hard to say. What I do know is that Steve and I used to work as bus boys at a restaurant when we were in high school. Steve was always better than me at folding silverware, and it's clear from this photo that he has retained his skills. Actually, Steve was much better at the restaurant business than I was. Eventually he was promoted to waiter/bar tender while I remained a busboy for my entire food industry career. It was easy to conjure the mood once we donned the outfits. And yes it was as much fun as it looks!

What do you think of the final product/photo?

I like it. I only wish they let us keep the jackets for future shows.

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