Of Montreal: Live Video


Here's a scintillating bit of a nearly half hour concert video of intoxicated new age disco glory from of Montreal captured November 20, 2008 at the Roseland Theater. Please to enjoy…

Watch the full concert at baeblemusic.com


[Published on: 4/8/09]

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AJ81 starstarstarstarstar Wed 4/8/2009 10:22AM
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How you wanna tag my style I am so superior.

Why you wanna hate a thing when you are so inferior.

This band is GREAT!

smiley3 Wed 4/8/2009 10:57AM
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mesaxi star Wed 4/8/2009 11:10AM
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headydb Wed 4/8/2009 11:19AM
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ok these guys obviously cant play but come on, dont tell me you dont get down to that outback steakhouse song...lets go outback tonight!

smiley3 Wed 4/8/2009 11:20AM
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Thanks mesaxi...Your point about how music should only be written and played sober is always overlooked...Jann Wenner should put out an issue of the Rolling Stone top 100 Sober Bands of All Time

kbaumgar Wed 4/8/2009 11:33AM
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Why all this hate for of Montreal? These guys put on a hell of a live show. Do all of you people not like Ziggy Stardust era bowie? An of Montreal show, like old David Bowie shows, is all about the entire production. It's not going to be have many crazy solos or much 'jamming out'.

Their music isn't really that simple either (to smiley3). A lot of their songs have many tempo changes, especially on the new CD, that wouldn't be the easiest to pull off live. Also, the singing style they bring to the table is difficult as well (much of it has weird timing). Listen to more live stuff of theirs, do not just judge by this one video

I do agree that they aren't a jamband per se, but they are talented musicians. Do they belong on jambase? Not sure, but jambase does put out many articles on their site that have nothing to do with the jamband scene

mooneystar Wed 4/8/2009 11:46AM
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was smiley being serious or tongue-in-cheek? i hope the latter. C'mon man - for a longtime now, Jambase has been about live *music* period - not just what you would consider "jamband" or not. It's about jam scene, alt country, indie, psychedelic rock, more mainstream rock, and rock that incorporates elements of some or all that i just mentioned and puts it in a blender (ie my morning jacket). In short, it's about rock music, period. This shift happened long ago, i think. AND - it's better, from my point of view, because i've never been a slave to one "scene". I like music from alot of different genres. It's all music, man - give other things a try. Don't judge music or bands on random ancillary things like "glasses". I used to hate it when people would judge the Dead on "tye dyes" or some shit.

Break on through!!!

fordaj Wed 4/8/2009 12:21PM
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I'll take the late B.P. Helium over Trey any day of the week.

DeadBandofPhishes420 Wed 4/8/2009 02:02PM
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smiley, wow. show me a post where someone said something about trendy glasses and/or coffee shops and you will convince me that you are not a god damn moron. So many bands Jambase writes about are mainstream i dont know what you mean when you say that this site was founded on non-mainstream bands...well guess what dipshit jambase is mainstream...go listen to bisco you fucking wook

DAMONCORY Wed 4/8/2009 02:05PM
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Im pretty sure smiley is poking fun at both sides.

1048 Wed 4/8/2009 02:33PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Hey Smiley


smiley3 Wed 4/8/2009 05:02PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Didn't think any of you could take a joke...all too serious

AJ81 Wed 4/8/2009 07:06PM
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hilarious, smiley. I thought eric's response was particularly creative although some of the others were eh ... you wook!

Roswellznutsack Wed 4/8/2009 09:57PM
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This band kicks major ass!!! I mean look how entertaining the show is. I'll pick these cats over Phish anyday, thank you very much!

DeadBandofPhishes420 Sat 4/11/2009 01:26AM
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yea smiley i cant take a joke when you seriously write 6 lines of shwag