Pumpkins Fall Tour


Billy Corgan - Smashing Pumpkins
With their sold-out nine-show residency in Asheville, NC fully underway and their ZEITGEIST album out July 10, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS have announced plans for a major North American fall concert tour. Kicking off with a pair of festival performances (September 8 in Montreal and September 9 in Toronto), the trek will take the band to theatres and amphitheatres including Red Rocks in Denver. The fall tour--the band's first full-scale North American tour since 2000--is highlighted by stops in such cities as Boston and Philadelphia where the group will perform multiple nights. Tickets go on sale July 14. Fans of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS who pre-order the upcoming ZEITGEIST CD (out July 10 on Martha's Music/Reprise) on iTUNES will receive a unique password to purchase pre-sale concert tickets on www.ticketmaster.com.

The Asheville residency concludes July 5 and will be followed by an 11-show run of sold-out shows at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco starting July 15, after which the group will return to Europe for 10 headlining and festival shows.

The Smashing Pumpkins tour dates available HERE.


[Published on: 7/3/07]

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TXfarmhouse Tue 7/3/2007 09:22AM
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keenan41 star Tue 7/3/2007 09:38AM
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Luthur star Tue 7/3/2007 09:58AM
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NickSoda star Tue 7/3/2007 10:03AM
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FlyFamousMcGrupp Tue 7/3/2007 10:07AM
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well..... the 'allman brothers' beacon run is far greater than 11 shows in a row at this point....

AllisonS Tue 7/3/2007 10:27AM
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Nick8885 "honestly, who scheduels 11 continuous shows at the same venue?"

Actually, Prince has 21 dates at O2 Arena in London, Aug 1-Sept 21

Cleofus Tue 7/3/2007 10:38AM
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just saw the Pumpkins last night at the Orange Peel in Asheville. I haven't been in to them in awhile but it was a very good show. Ended up playing over 3 years.
I guess nick8885 has no idea what a residency is.

D.B.Higdon starstarstarstar Tue 7/3/2007 10:52AM
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Well, a lot of artists do extended stays- the Allmans, Prince, and of course Springsteen at Madison Square Garden.

fydo1974 star Tue 7/3/2007 10:52AM
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11 shows and I couldn't get tickets to any of them. WTF?

EVILFUNK Tue 7/3/2007 11:09AM
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effectsjunkie ~ awesome screen name...show us a pic of your pedalboard!

id go check out the pumpkins ~ i always thought they had a smashing name.

durazno Tue 7/3/2007 11:13AM
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old news....
I'd like to see them but tickets sold out with the quickness

gamecat Tue 7/3/2007 11:26AM
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Not one show in Chicago? Lame.
Without James Iha's guitar they're nothing anyway.

Just like G n R without Slash.

hnkscrpio Tue 7/3/2007 11:36AM
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Dogfood Tue 7/3/2007 12:57PM
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karacter0 Tue 7/3/2007 02:38PM
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No Iha! So who is in the band other than Billy Cueball.

Maybe they should tour with Guns N Roses?

gmoo Tue 7/3/2007 03:01PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I'm sorry, but how can you rip on a band, then complain when there's no show in your town? Think about what you are saying before you say it if you want people to listen.

All Loving Liberal White Guy Tue 7/3/2007 03:12PM
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All Loving Liberal White Guy

For a second I thought that was a pic of the dude from the movie Powder.

frinkazoid Tue 7/3/2007 03:21PM
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It's Billy and Jimmy Chamberland left over, with Ginger Reyes and Jeff Schroder replacing former members... And they actually rip pretty nasty. I saw the 24th and the 2nd in Asheville and they tore the roof off.

whodoyoudo Tue 7/3/2007 03:37PM
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soulink starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/3/2007 03:41PM
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roberto767 Tue 7/3/2007 03:59PM
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Billy Corgan is Powder. Also...despite all the Rage he's still just a rat in a cage.

OzzieSmith Tue 7/3/2007 04:10PM
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No CHicago? Rather surprising but I am going to go out on a limb here and say atleast three shows over new years in the windy city. No better place to have thier new years show. See you in normal il.

briank67 Tue 7/3/2007 04:27PM
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i agree with the chicago people... i bet they'll end up playing a dozen shows or something here. i'll go if the price is right

TravlynnJoe starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/3/2007 04:29PM
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A Smashing Surprise in the Nations Capital: (Washington, DC)

Die-hard Smashing Pumpkins fans remember back in 1996 when the alt-rock pioneers played the opening shows of the new 9:30 Club location, right before they became a household name. Now, on the eve of the release of Zeitgeist, their first album in 7 years, the recently revived Pumpkins will take the 9:30 Club stage once again. For one truly intimate performance, Billy Corgan and crew will give D.C. a pre-Virgin Festival taste of their signature dream pop and jaw-dropping gloom riffage.

Surprise! At the 9:30 Club!
w/ Celebration
This Tuesday!
July 10 - 7:30 pm

Tickets On Sale Friday, July 6 at 10am. There is a 2 ticket limit for this event per household, customer, credit card and email address. No name changes for will-call once order is complete. ALL SALES WILL-CALL ONLY ! Photo ID required !

karacter0 Tue 7/3/2007 08:46PM
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the security at the 9:30 is worse than the security at a prison.^^^^^^^

NickSoda Tue 7/3/2007 11:01PM
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hnkscrpio Wed 7/4/2007 02:15AM
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ChiTownFunk Thu 7/5/2007 08:20AM
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I can't believe they are not playing Chicago?!?! What's that all about? Normal, IL? They must have something big planned for Chicago...maybe New Years?

bobertjohnson Thu 7/5/2007 11:26AM
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who cares? the pumpkins blow dogs for quarters.

ringo starstarstarstarstar Thu 7/5/2007 11:30AM
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I caught 2 nights of the Orange Peel run and the were both incredible. 3+ hours both nights with a ten minute set break (which somehow wore me out more than Big Cypress did). I've been seeing them play since 93 (small club tour right when siamese dream came out) and the asheville shows were on par with those shows and in someways better. I've seen all kinds of shows, from Ministry to the Grateful Dead (and somehow managed to catch Phish a couple hundred times) and the level at which the Pumpkins are performing at rivals the best shows I've seen. And the whole thing about it just being Billy and Jimmy from the original band is a lame argument, a majority of everything performed on their albums (except adore) is Billy (playing guitar bass, and piano) and Jimmy on the skins, and the two new members are pretty baddass. So do yourself a favor and check them out this fall.

PS:They are planning something very special for Chicago.

jasonthehead starstarstarstarstar Thu 7/5/2007 03:16PM
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It's my big brother's favorite band...and while I may not be that into them, he's taught me a lot about music. He lives in S.F. and is down on his luck, so these 11 shows are just what the doctor ordered. Be stoked for their fans at least!

powernet Thu 7/5/2007 05:59PM
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i dnt know how they sold out 11 in a row

DeadKennyG Thu 7/5/2007 08:05PM
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If I were y'all I would go to one of the last two shows at the Fillmore to check out the Black Angels along with the Pumpkins. Haven't heard of any of the other openers, but the Angels are SICK. Kinda cool they got this gig.

paulygparty Mon 7/9/2007 08:48AM
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Prince could Raspberry Beret "nick8885" before he even knew what was on his head, while shredding a nasty ass solo, and freaking like 83 other chicks.

P.S. Iha's working on his second solo album (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Iha ).

theterriblebob starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/17/2007 04:47AM
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they just busted starla for anybody that cares or knows what that means ...(i don think ever played live, exept once after the one time they treorded it...LIVE!!(in studio jam)

DBang Tue 7/17/2007 09:23AM
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yes, terriblebob, starla is definitely the most intensely jammed out song the Pumpkins have ever put on record. they played it a number of times in Asheville during their recent residency...I was fortunate enough to see one of those performances and was blown away overall, however, I can't say that the version they did live has anything on the album version (pisces iscariot). i was waiting for the intense psychadelic jam at the end and it just never really materialized.

On another note, apparently as of June, the Pumpkins have completely opened up their taping policy. they now encourage their fans to tape in any way they like, including audio, video, or still photography. In fact, live archive already has 142 shows that you can either stream or download in one of several formats. If you listen to some of the recent shows, you'll notice that there's a alot of variation of the setlists and improv in extending certain tunes. Oh, and if you haven't picked up the new album, I'd like to recommend it to you. Sounds more like Siamese Dream than the past few records have.

archive link:

cmaxwell starstarstarstar Tue 7/17/2007 11:50AM
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This residency was very curious to me. Didn't realize they had deep fanbase ties to down here. I haven't really paid attention since high school, although Melancholy was a great release. Do they write new setlists every night? Just wanting to find out more, as it seems they are coming back in a more grass-roots fashion. Especially for a band who received such heavy airplay on radio and MTV in their heyday.

PCPrabbit Wed 8/8/2007 12:38PM
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someone told me that that one hit album had over 100 guitar tracks on it or something.