Available on DVD September 18, 2007 Through MVD Visual

MVD Visual is delighted to announce the DVD release of this personal and candid profile of the once effervescent musician and now cult figure of Syd Barrett. This new definitive edition includes two discs with over 2 1/2 hours of DVD extras, including lengthy unedited interviews from all members of the Pink Floyd. It's a limited edition run of 5,000 in the Oyster Box packaging with ten items of reproduction memorabilia in a special printed envelope. After the limited edition has sold out, the double disc version will be then packaged in a standard plastic double DVD box.

The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story retells the fascinating story of the start of one of the largest and most influential bands in rock and the drug induced breakdown of their original song writer and lead man. Roger Waters, Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright retell how Syd's slip from reality haunted the band for many years and this is clearly demonstrated in the tracks "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and "Wish You Were Here." The film incorporates rare early footage of the band performing; including a live show at the UFO Club, and an appearance with former landlord Mick Leonard on Tomorrows World. There are also insights from former girlfriends, landlords, flat mates, producers, managers, friends and famous fans.

As one of the most famous creators and characters of the psychedelic era, Syd Barrett had not conducted an interview or released music between the early seventies and his recent passing, yet his self-imposed anonymity still fascinates fans old and new. The original songwriter for Pink Floyd was only with the band for a vibrant three years when he left in 1968, yet when the band released their greatest hits album in 2001 Syd had written over a fifth of the tracks. It's been nearly 40 years since Syd Barrett left the band, yet mystery still surrounds this prodigy of rock.

This fascinating documentary traces the creative and personal tumult of Barrett's days with Pink Floyd, and the fallout from his psychedelics induced breakdown.

[Published on: 7/2/07]

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chrisb71 Mon 7/2/2007 11:09AM
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An wonderful songwriter and musician, but can we let the man rest now?

EVILFUNK Mon 7/2/2007 11:52AM
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well you have a point ~ chrisb71. Syds story sells like hotcakes or it might not be so popular of a topic...what to do with a story like Syd or Jaco or Dube or some oddly talented wingnut like that? crazypeople/artist people do learn alot about the value of holding it together from sucth a story...but at the same time this is some personal, private shit to be harping on all over the place. esp. when people are going to go and say that its only coming up in the doc. because it will help sell it.

"As one of the most famous creators and characters of the psychedelic era, Syd Barrett had not conducted an interview or released music between the early seventies and his recent passing, yet his self-imposed anonymity still fascinates fans old and new."....could it be that syd just wanted us to listen to his music and concern ourselves with, well, our own troubles?

gmoo Mon 7/2/2007 12:35PM
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beatstock starstarstarstarstar Mon 7/2/2007 01:03PM
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i can't say anything negative about this, syd was a great songwriter and i am very intrested in his life story. definitly a cool dvd to add to the collection

mjoffe18 starstarstar Mon 7/2/2007 01:57PM
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I used to own the origianl DVD. Not much substance, very little from the other Floyd members, much a documentary about the same story that we have all heard in the last year since Syd's unfortunate death. Even if you are a Die-Hard Floyd fane such as myself, be aware that this isn't a 5 star documentary. I'd give it 2 at most, but don't think that Roger Waters is the one gettin rich here, cuz the royalties DO go to Syd's family, who probably really could use it.

21mmer Mon 7/2/2007 04:13PM
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is this the same thing that has been playing on the vh1 classic rock channel for 2 months?

willm1 Mon 7/2/2007 05:56PM
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yeah i also have the original copy of this dvd. its really only worth watching once. fun to watch if you're tripping though . . .gives you alot to think about.

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/3/2007 05:15AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

money, its a drag. :P

durazno Tue 7/3/2007 08:10AM
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dantron7 Tue 7/3/2007 11:48AM
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anybody go to any of the roger waters shows? i went to the oakland, ca show, it was the shit!!! better than the 1st time i saw him. if u can go see it, go for it and spend the money for seats its worth it. i spent $220 for 16th row and i would have paid more.

mattland starstarstar Tue 7/3/2007 07:08PM
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I've seen the DVD. It's a pretty cool story, but it's real short and there's no live music on it. I don't recommend it.

Jambellina Tue 7/3/2007 10:06PM
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i am pretty sure i saw part of this on vh1 and in agreement with mattland, there is a serious lack of music. i actually turned it off, and then listened to the floyd that i own. it might have been worth it if there was more music involved and less drama.

ps EVILFUNK, i love how you actually quoted the article. that's awesome. o, and i agree with you too

artoor2002 Thu 7/5/2007 04:36PM
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I have the original. I was disapointed. It would take a lot for me to re-purchase this one

data starstarstarstarstar Thu 7/5/2007 05:57PM
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Get Live at Pompey

Jambellina Thu 7/5/2007 11:11PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

It's actually spelled Pompeii (with 2 i's). I am not trying to be arrogant, I just don't want you to repeat the same spelling error forever. Especially since we are talking about Pink Floyd here. We can't do that to a video that blows my mind every time I watch/hear it. They made all the spirits of the ancient past dance in their "graves."

I mean come on!! Playing music, incredible music, in the middle of one of the most liberal cities of the Ancient Roman Empire!! Having studied Pompeii as an Art History undergrad, AND having been there myself, this video is a phenomenom. I know in 1971 things were different, but anyone who has recently been to this lost city knows that being in Pompeii without ANYONE but you, your band, and your crew, is only a dream.

Whoever listens to floyd should watch it, at least once. And anyone of you music lovers who aren't too familiar with floyd, this video will get you into them.

FYI: Several versions of this DVD have been released, so be aware of which one you are watching. Also, (not to burst anyone's bubbe) I am pretty positive that not all of the songs were filmed in Pompeii. If I am correct, then only 3 of the songs were ACTUALLY filmed there. I think the rest were done in a studio in Paris and then manipulated to seem like they had been shot in the midst of the ancient ruins. I guess the 70's weren't as authentic as we want to believe......

But still, it's not only worth watching, but it's worth the purchase as well.

Sorry for the tangent, but this DVD deserves the attention more than the one in the article above.

Floyd freaks, correct me if my info is wrong!!

pinkishladybug starstarstarstarstar Fri 7/6/2007 12:57PM
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I'm excited about it! He died a year ago to the weekend!

EVILFUNK Fri 7/6/2007 01:05PM
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thanks for the tangent, jamgirl...

petemora starstarstar Tue 7/10/2007 06:47AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I think jamgirl spilled her bongwater on her keyboard.
"I guess the 70's weren't as authentic as we want to believe......" I grew up in the 70s. There was very little authenticity to be had. A great majority of the furniture and clothing was made of vinyl and polyester. Stupid people actually paid money for pet rocks! Nixon was president for the first 4 years of the decade! The pre-disco music era will never be duplicated, however.

This DVD looks like a hunk of crapola. Just the totally cheesy cover is enough to put me off. Why not just call it "The Syd Barret Story"? Its probably because they know they can fleece some innocent Floyd fans with this lame compilation.

koss starstarstarstarstar Thu 7/12/2007 02:12PM
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Trip, Trip to a dream dragon
Hide your wings in a ghost tower
Sail crackling everywhere we break
Please leave us here
close our eyes
to the octopus ride

Isn't good to be lost in the wood?

bluecap Sat 8/4/2007 05:10PM
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I've got a rather extensive collection of Floyd video so I'd like to clear up some things. The DVD released by MVD before Syd's death was called, "Syd Barrett: Under Review" and was rather a rather boring collection of journalists yapping with Hugh Hopper being the only person interviewed that actually knew Syd on a casual basis, but they didn't really get any unique information out of him. They had most of the early Floyd TV spots on the previous DVD, but they edited them mercilessly.
It sounds like they've decided to make amends with this documentary. From the blurb, I'm betting this is a compilation of interviews from many different sources throughout the last few decades (similar to what the "Pink Floyd: Reflection and Echoes" DVD did) and definitely NOT a repackaging of an existing TV program or DVD doc as some of the comments here are suggesting. Did someone see a promo of this release that could confirm? I've never seen the Tomorrows World performance so I'm going to put my money down on the likelihood this is new DVD take on Syd's story and not a simply a re-release. To clarify for mattland, the footage from "Look of the Week" and "Tonite (sic) Let's all Make Love in London" are the only live videos of Syd's Floyd that ever made it into circulation. The UFO footage they mention has no audio. I have a crap quality snippet of Floyd video from "Christmas on Planet Earth" (A BBC special hosted by Joe Cocker in December 1967) that I would love to see in better condition. Has anyone out there got a decent copy of this?
jamgirl9 - all the Pompeii songs were filmed on location, but they had to go back and fill in with some studio shots as some of the film was lost. It's rather obvious where this was done in the original and the Director's Cut removes it. They also added studio overdubs to the audio. Maybe not 100% authentic live, but it's still excellent. The most recent Director's Cut release of "Pink Floyd in Pompeii" gives all the behind the scenes details and has the original version as well as the new cut... I definitely would recommend it over all previous releases of PF in Pompeii.

koss it's -
Sails cackling at every plate we break...


Close our eyes to the octopus rise.

Isn't it bad, so quiet there
In the wood.

bluecap Sat 9/15/2007 01:29PM
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One more correction. I HAVE seen the Mick Leonard footage after all. The Floyd shot is brief. They're just providing a bit of musical noodling as Mick demonstrates his psychedelic light projecting machine... nothing special. I know for certain this footage has never been used in any other previous documentary, though, so the above viewers claiming to have seen it are all mistaking it with other Syd bio doc's.