Lake Street Dive at The Fillmore Charlotte



  • Lake Street Dive


    • Baby, Don't Leave Me Alone With My Thoughts
    • You Are Free
    • I Don't Care About You
    • Red Light Kisses
    • Jameson
    • Bobby Trilogy: Bobby Tanqueray / Spectacular Failure / Doesn't Even Matter Now
    • Darryl
    • Hang On
    • I Can Change
    • You're Still the One  
    • Call Off Your Dogs
    • Seventeen
    • Shame, Shame, Shame
    • Musta Been Something
    • Mike Drum Solo
    • Bad Self Portraits
    • Good Kisser
    • You Go Down Smooth
    • Dude
    • I Want You Back  
  • Mikaela Davis


Map for The Fillmore Charlotte

The Fillmore Charlotte

The Fillmore Charlotte

  • 1000 North Carolina Music Factory Boulevard
  • Charlotte, NC 28206
  • United States

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