Zach Gill Announces New Album ‘Cocktail Yoga’ & Shares Single

By Scott Bernstein Aug 28, 2020 8:03 am PDT

ALO and Jack Johnson multi-instrumentalist Zach Gill will put out his third solo album, Cocktail Yoga, through Brushfire/Republic Records on September 18. Gill unleashed “King Dancer’s Delight,” the first single from the follow-up to 2018’s Life In The Multiverse.

Gill recorded the nine-track LP while quarantining at home. Zach utilized his “Creativity Lounge,” a garage he turned into a studio to create “sound spaces” as an escape from the stress of current events. An album emerged out of the sessions almost by accident.

Zach Gill details the genesis of Cocktail Yoga:

At the start of the 2020 global lockdown, as a traveling musician, I found myself with a sudden plethora of time at home, surrounded by ideas and inspiring instruments. Over the last decade, I’ve created a small and always evolving music studio in my garage. I call it the Creativity Lounge. Each time I get a new instrument or piece of recording gear, I spend a little time exploring musical possibilities with it. These aren’t songs in the traditional sense but more like “sound spaces” and as time has gone on I’ve ended up with quite a few of these exploratory, instrumental tracks. Each one unique, like an alien planet with its own inhabitants, climates, and landscapes. When the news of the day was stressful and life felt chaotic with too many voices in my head, I’d put on my headphones, fire up the recording gear and escape to these sonic planets without words, each time adding new elements and whittling away old, until one day I realized I’d accidentally made an album. An album called Cocktail Yoga.

Cocktail Yoga is music for unwinding the mind, the body and the soul. It’s music meant for dreaming, for painting, for cooking and for crafting. It might inspire you to stretch your hammys and roll your shoulders, or it might inspire you to make a hot toddy and curl up with a good book or call an old friend. It’s playful and seamless and doesn’t require anything from you. Inspired by composers like Esquivel, Martin Denny, and The Three Suns, Cocktail Yoga is fresh, yet rooted in an older, seemingly simpler time. It’s a portal out of the realms of opinion and decision and into the spaces between, where time is infinite and all endings are also beginnings.

Listen to Cocktail Yoga single “King Dancer’s Delight” below:

Cocktail Yoga Tracklist

  1. Thread The Needle
  2. King Dancer’s Delight
  3. Walking Through Desert Beneath Naked Half Moon
  4. Trippin’ In Georgia
  5. Boomerang
  6. Warrior In The Woods
  7. Salty Down Dog
  8. Cocktail Yoga
  9. Playground In Your Soul
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