Yonder Mountain String Band Honors Ween In Chicago


On Saturday night Yonder Mountain String Band honored Ween at the House Of Blues in Chicago by presenting a YonderWEEN show. The five-piece mixed each and every song from Ween’s 1996 album 12 Golden Country Greats along with originals and other covers during their Windy City performance.

Yonder Mountain String Band worked through the songs off 12 Golden Country Greats in order as they started the show with “I’m Holding You” and “Japanese Cowboy.” Next up was “Around You” and “Left Me In A Hole” before they fit Ween’s “Piss Up A Rope” within “On The Run.” The first set concluded with a cover of “I Don’t Want To Leave You On The Farm” by Ween and then the New Hope rockers’ “Pretty Girl” within their own “Casualty.”

The second set began with a “Looking Back Over My Shoulder” sandwich on “Winds Of Wyoming” bread. YMSB then picked up with tracks six and seven from 12 Golden Country Greats – “Powder Blue” and “Mister Richard Smoker.” A romp through “Bad Taste” was followed by Ween’s “Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain” and “Sister Golden Hair” by America. With two songs to play from Ween’s LP, Yonder played one of them, “You Were The Fool,” as part of the second set and ended the night with “Fluffy.” The second set also included one of Yonder’s newest songs, “Alison,” as well as an “Angel” > “Girlfriend Is Better” (Talking Heads) > “Angel” sequence.

Short Clips Of Ween Covers (Shared by Kristen DeRosier)

[I Don’t Want To Leave You On The Farm]

[Mr. Richard Smoker]


Set one: I’m Holding You*, Japanese Cowboy*, Around You, Left Me In A Hole, On The Run > Piss Up A Rope* > On The Run, I Don’t Want To Leave You On The Farm*, Casualty > Pretty Girl* > Casualty

Set Two: Winds Of Wyoming > Looking Back Over My Shoulder > Wings Of Wyoming, Powder Blue*, Mister Richard Smoker*, Bad Taste, Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain*, Sister Golden Hair, You Were The Fool*, Alison, Angel > Girlfriend Is Better > Angel

Encore: Head Of That Woman, Fluffy*

* – Ween cover