Yellow Dubmarine: Abbey Dub


42 years and a day after the most legendary band of all time released a classic album that would be their swan song, another band presents their re-imagining of that same recording. It was September 26, 1969 when The Beatles gave the world the legendary Abbey Road. On September 27, 2011, Yellow Dubmarine offered up their stunning reggae re-make, Abbey Dub.

Yellow Dubmarine’s Abbey Dub is an aural journey through the history of reggae with The Beatles as your guide. The band keeps the heart of the original 17 songs present, but simultaneously breathes new life into each track. Producer Kenny Liner, of The Bridge, crafts a sonic landscape that in one instant recalls traditional Nyagbinghi drumming before morphing into a simple Rock-steady cadence. Ska grooves full of Caribbean and Calypso coloring gives way to bass heavy Dub riddims. Horns emerge where there was once the voices of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison and a mellow skank where there was once Ringo Starr’s four to the floor beat.

Song by song, Abbey Dub seems to discover the long lost island-roots of Abbey Road. It is quite simply a chance to hear the much loved classic album again for the first time.

Yellow Dubmarine Tour Dates
October 14 | Capital Ale House | Richmond, VA
October 15 | Martin’s Downtown | Roanoke, VA
October 28 | North Star Bar | Philadelphia, PA
October 31 | Rams Head Live | Annapolis, MDB November 4 | Thunderbird Cafe | Pittsburg, PA
November 5 | The 8×10 | Baltimore, MD
November 9 | Westcott Theater | Syracuse, NY
November 10 | Beachland Ballroom & Tavern | Cleveland, OH
November 11 | Birdys | Indianapolis, IN
November 12 | The Omni | Toledo, OH
November 25 | World Cafe at The Queen Live | Wilmington, DE
December 3 | Middle East Upstairs | Cambridge, MA
December 17 | State Theater | Falls Church, VA
December 22 | Mulcahy’s | Wantagh, NY
December 23 | Lupos Heart Break Hotel | Providence, RI
February 17 | Flamingo Cantina | Austin, TX
March 23 | Havana | New Hope, PA
June 17 | Theater at Lime Kiln | Lexington, VA

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