Yacht Rock Revue Details 21-Track Concept Album ‘Escape Artist’

The band previously shared the singles “Tropical Illusion” and “Passengers.”

By Nate Todd Jul 10, 2024 1:15 pm PDT

Yacht Rock Revue confirmed their a 21-track concept album, Escape Artist, due out in full on November 29 with Sides A and B of the double LP arriving on October 4. The band shared the lead singles “Tropical Illusion” and “Passengers” in May.

Along with the album announcement, Yacht Rock Revue also revealed they will share additional singles “Lost In The Meantime” and “Steal Away” on Friday (July 12). Frontman Nicholas Niespodziani detailed “Lost In The Meantime.”

“Some of my clearest memories aren’t major milestones or significant global events, like where I was when I heard Prince passed away,” he said. “They’re random snapshots from everyday moments that stick in my head for some reason. That’s the essence of ‘Lost In The Meantime’— it explores how the true essence of a relationship often lies in those ordinary, in-between moments.”


The sole cover on Escape Artist as the tribute band branches into original material is a ukulele rendition of Robbie Dupree’s 1980 cut, “Steal Away.”

“I’ve been a fan of Yacht Rock Revue since first seeing their show 10 years ago at a small club in New York City,” Dupree recalled. “They’re a national group now! Their new music is brilliant and their rendition of my song, ‘Steal Away,’ is fresh and delightful.”

Niespodziani elaborated on Escape Artist.

“Look out in the crowd and imagine what each person is escaping from. They’re escaping the modern condition to the idea of a less complicated time. We see it every night on the road — an audience transported somewhere else. We are Escape Artists. That’s our magic trick.

“Of course, there’s the literal layer — I want to escape the confines of what our band is supposed to be. Are we allowed to be artists, or are we trapped by a genre? We’ve always been pushing the envelope, going where no band like ours has gone before. I want it to be OK for us to express optimism and sadness and fear and vulnerability. I want to escape the caricature that defines us. The ‘Escape Artist’ song lyrics tell that story.”

Yacht Rock Revue are embarking on a tour with REO Speedwagon and Train tonight (July 10). Scroll down for the band’s itinerary and ticket info.

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Escape Artist Tracklist:

  1. Escape Artist
  2. Make You Miss Me
  3. Separate Grooves
  4. Waves
  5. Reverse Sunset
  6. Lost In The Meantime
  7. Sail On
  8. Steal Away (Robbie Dupree Cover)
  9. Tropical Illusion (feat. Elliot Lurie)
  10. Passengers
  11. Triangle of Combustion
  12. Lonely For You
  13. Inverse Sunrise
  14. San Junipero (Every Night Like Tonight)
  15. Things Look Different
  16. Monkeys Always Swinging
  17. Bad Decisions
  18. Worse Decisions
  19. Here For the Feeling
  20. Four in the Morning
  21. What A Year
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