The Wood Brothers Welcome Valerie June In New York

Listen to audio of The Wood Brothers' Friday set, which included a guest appearance from Valerie June.

By Scott Bernstein Aug 16, 2021 11:59 am PDT

Valerie June opened for and sat-in with The Wood Brothers in Lafayette, New York on Friday. June joined the trio at Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards on “Chevrolet,” a song first recorded by Lonnie and Ed Young.

The Wood Brothers — consisting of guitarist Oliver Wood, bassist Chris Wood and multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix — began their set with “Sing About It” and “Keep Me Around” off 2013’s The Muse. Next, the band turned to their most recent album, Kingdom In My Mind, released just before the pandemic started for “Alabaster.”

More career-spanning originals would follow with a focus on Kingdom In The Mind as the 2020 LP was also represented in the setlist by “Little Bit Sweet,” “Little Blue,” “Little Bit Broken,” “Don’t Think About My Death” and “Cry Over Nothing.” The Wood Brothers assembled around a large microphone placed mid-stage towards the end of the set for “The Muse” and Valerie June’s appearance on “Chevrolet.”

Oliver, Chris and Jano concluded the frame with “Happiness Jones” from 2018’s One Drop Of Truth. The trio then returned for an encore featuring beloved gems “Luckiest Man” and “Atlas” off their 2006 debut album, Ways Not To Lose.

Listen to an audience recording taped by Steven Weld below:


Set: Sing About It, Keep Me Around, Alabaster, Sky High, Wastin’ My Mind, Little Bit Sweet, Little Blue, The River Takes The Town, Losin’ Streak, Little Bit Broken, Who The Devil, The Muse, Chevrolet (w/ Valerie June), Don’t Think About My Death, Cry Over Nothing, Happiness Jones

Encore: Luckiest Man, Atlas

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