Will Forte Parodies Gregg Allman On The ‘Tonight Show’


On last night’s installment of NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, guitarist “Gregg Almond” sat-in with The Roots. Almond, a member of “The Almond Brothers,” is a Grammy-losing musician who holds a grudge against The Allman Brothers Band who he claims “are a bunch of thieving hacks who stole our careers.” Gregg and his identical cousin Randy Almond are the key players in The Almond Brothers, who each have life-threatening allergies to nuts an legumes.

In reality Almond was played by comedian Will Forte who absolutely nailed his impression of Gregg Allman. Watch how it went down and hopefully we’ll be able to find copies of The Almond Brothers’ Please Don’t Put Your Nuts On Us soon: