Wilco Shares Live ‘A Shot In The Arm’ From ‘Summerteeth’ Deluxe Reissue


Wilco continued to preview a deluxe reissue of their 1999 studio album, Summerteeth by premiering a live version of “A Shot In The Arm” included as part of the CD and digital editions of the set. Summerteeth: Deluxe Edition is set for release next Friday, November 6.

“A Shot In The Arm” was recorded during a Summerteeth tour stop at The Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado on November 1, 1999. Audio of the entire concert is included as part of Summerteeth: Deluxe Edition along with a remastered version of the original album and a collection of outtakes, alternate tracks and demos from the era. The vinyl version swaps in a recording of Wilco’s in-store performance at Tower Records on March 11, 1999 for the Colorado concert.

Wilco previously released “Summer Teeth (Slow Rhodes Version)” and a demo of “Candy Floss.”

Listen to Wilco’s live performance of “A Shot In The Arm” from November 1, 1999 below:

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    Wilco Announces ‘Summerteeth’ Deluxe Reissue 

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    Wilco Shares ‘Candy Floss’ Demo From ‘Summerteeth’ Deluxe Reissue 

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