Widespread Panic Welcomes Dickinsons & McFadden In Telluride

Last night Widespread Panic played their second of two headlining sets at The RIDE Festival in Telluride, Colorado. On Saturday night Widespread Panic was joined by guitarist Warren Haynes and on Sunday they had more guest spots lined up for the Colorado faithful.

@codydickinson and @dashole getting funky during Ride Me High at the @ridefestival #moneyshot

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The first collaboration came towards the middle of Panic’s lone set, when guitarist Luther Dickinson of North Mississippi All-Stars and The Word emerged along with his brother Cody Dickinson on washboard for a covers of JJ Cale’s “Ride Me High” and Howlin’ Wolf’s “Tail Dragger.” Later in the set, guitarist Eric McFadden augmented Widespread Panic on “Arleen” > “Red Hot Mama.” Widespread Panic’s cover-heavy performance ended with an encore featuring two more -“Honky Red” and “City Of Dreams.”

Cody Dickinson made his 16th appearance with the Georgia rockers, while Luther’s sit-in was his 15th. Both Dickinson brothers last performed with Panic back in April at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. McFadden, who is a member of Stockholm Syndrome with Panic bassist Dave Schools, made his tenth appearance with the band last night.

Setlist (via PanicStream)

Set: Hatfield > Henry Parsons Died, Steven’s Cat, You Got Yours, Climb To Safety > Ride Me High*, Tail Dragger*, Disco, Cease Fire > Jamais Vu > Driving Song > Chilly Water > Papa’s Home > Drums > Papa’s Home > Driving Song, Arleen** > Red Hot Mama** (145 mins)

Encore: Honky Red, City of Dreams (15 mins)

* -w/ Cody Dickinson (washboard) and Luther Dickinson (guitar)
** -w/ Eric McFadden (guitar)