Widespread Panic Releases Bozeman 2000 Recording


Jam titans Widespread Panic have just announced and released the 34th installment of the band’s two-track Porch Songs series. Bozeman 2000 features every note WSP played at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse in Bozeman, Montana.

A list of highlights accompanying a statement about the release includes the “Heroes” opener, the “Stop-Go” jam, the “Pigeons” > “Drums” sequence, a deep an ominous “Astronomy Domine” jam and the “Can’t Find My Way Home” > “Makes Sense To Me” encore. Panic was aiming to issue the show in all its multi-track glory, yet a recording error led them to the “crisp, clear” two-track front-of-house recording “with plenty of audience captured.”


Guitarist Michael Houser is featured prominently on Bozeman 2000 including on his beloved “The Waker.” The gig came in the middle of Fall Tour 2000 and contains five songs that hadn’t been performed in at least 20 shows: “One Kind Favor,” “Astronomy Domine” (Jam), “Can’t Find My Way Home,” “Heroes” and “Sleepy Monkey.” Bozeman 2000 is currently available for purchase via LiveWidespreadPanic.com.

[Walkin’ (For Your Love)]


Setlist (via Everyday Companion)

Set One: Heroes > Rebirtha > The Waker, Papa Legba > Stop-Go > Cream Puff War, Sleepy Monkey > Little Lilly > One Arm Steve

Set Two: Let’s Get Down To Business, Rock > Walkin’ (For Your Love) > Jack > Pigeons > Drums > Astronomy Domine Jam > One Kind Favor, Blue Indian > Climb To Safety

Encore: Can’t Find My Way Home > Makes Sense To Me

[Dave on stand-up for ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’; ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun’ tease by Dave after ‘Drums’]

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