Watch Widespread Panic Dust Off ‘Nights In White Satin’ At 25th Anniversary Run In 2011


Widespread Panic continues to rollout video from their 25th anniversary run in 2011. The latest is a clip of one of the biggest bust outs of the celebration, The Moody Blues’ “Nights In White Satin” from the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia.

The 1967 Moody Blues classic came during WSP’s February 11 concert, the second show of the three-night celebration. Panic got things underway on February 10 in Athens and concluded the short tour at Atlanta’s Fox Theater on February 14.

While Widespread Panic marks 1986 as the year they formed, naturally, time frames shift a bit when talking about early origins of any band. Co-founding members guitarists John Bell and Michael Houser were playing as a duo in the early 1980s with bassist Dave Schools joining in around early 1985. Debuted around the same time, “Nights In White Satin,” actually pre-dates Widespread Panic, as per Everyday Companion.

While the first performance of the song doesn’t carry a date, the second, as archived by EDC, is from February 24 so it appears to have been early 1985 when “Nights In White Satin” debuted at the famed A-Frame house on Weymanda Court in Athens. The band played their first show as Widespread Panic when founding drummer Todd Nance joined the trio for a charity event in Athens in early 1986.

25 years later, Panic dusted off “Nights In White Satin” for the first time since October 9, 1987 for a total of 2,431 shows since it was last played (the biggest bust out of the run chronologically). WSP fit “Nights In White Satin” in as the penultimate song of the first set ahead of closer, “Love Tractor.” In total, the band has played “Nights In White Satin” just 11 times.

Watch Widespread Panic perform “Nights In White Satin” on their 25th anniversary run below:

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