Widespread Panic Announces ‘Jacksonville 1999’ Multi-Track Live Archival Release


Though Widespread Panic has mined their vault for many live archival releases over the past few years, the band hadn’t issued a show from 1999 yet. That will change on March 31 when WSP puts out the 11th live release in the multi-track series: Jacksonville 1999.

Jacksonville 1999 was recorded at Moran Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida on April 27, 1999 smack dab in the middle of the band’s Spring Tour ’99. The new release was mixed and mastered from the original multi-track recordings by the band’s long-time producer John Keane. It is said to feature, a “rolling rhythm section, fervent vocals and soaring leads.”

Widespread Panic 4/27/1999 Setlist (via Everyday Companion)

Set One: Proving Ground > Chilly Water > Disco > Pickin’ Up The Pieces > It Ain’t No Use > Worry > Proving Ground, Heaven, All Time Low

Set Two: She Caught The Katy > Greta, Driving Song > Weak Brain, Narrow Mind > Driving Song > Drums, Let’s Get The Show On The Road > Tie Your Shoes > Mr. Soul

Encore: Dream Song

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