Weezer Details ‘Van Weezer’ Album & Shares Single

By Nate Todd Apr 22, 2021 2:28 pm PDT

Weezer’s homage album to metal, Van Weezer, is finally on the way, due out on May 7 via Crush Music/Atlantic Records. The renowned rockers also shared the single, “I Need Some Of That,” to herald the album’s release.

Weezer initially planned to release Van Weezer in May 2020 but the record was delayed a year due to the pandemic. In the interim, Weezer put out OK Human, the quartet’s first-ever orchestral album. But the band has previewed Van Weezer — produced by Suzy Shinn (Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy) with a number of tracks including 2019’s “End Of The Game” and 2020’s “Hero” — a tribute to frontline workers — and “Beginning Of The End.” The band also contributed Van Weezer song “Blue Dream” to an episode of The Simpsons last year.

Van Weezer, the band’s fifteenth studio album, sees Weezer getting back to their metal roots as all four members are longtime fans of the genre, as described in a press release:

“Rivers was a huge KISS fan; Brian was a big Black Sabbath fan; Pat worshipped at the altar of Van Halen and Rush; [and] Scott loved Slayer and Metallica,” the press release revealed.

Those influences are evident on the latest single, “I Need Some Of That.” Check out the lyric video and stream audio of the song below:

Van Weezer Tracklist:

  1. Hero
  2. All The Good Ones
  3. The End Of The Game
  4. I Need Some Of That
  5. Beginning Of The End
  6. Blue Dream
  7. 1 More Hit
  8. Sheila Can Do It
  9. She Needs Me
  10. Precious Metal Girl
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