Ween Welcomes Carol Brooks & Works Bust Outs Into Asheville Show


New Hope, Pennsylvania rockers Ween played the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville, North Carolina on Friday night. The five-piece was joined by a guest vocalist and dusted off three songs they hadn’t performed in a long time.

The first big surprise of Ween’s main set in Asheville came when the band brought out vocalist Carol Brooks for “Freedom Of ’76.” Brooks, who had performed with The Dean Ween Group in the past, shared vocals on the Chocolate & Cheese single with Gene Ween. A few songs later Ween busted out “Ode To Rene,” a song they played a number of times in 1992 and 1993 and only once since.

Ween’s set in Asheville also featured a rare cover of “The Enabler,” a tune sung by bassist Dave Dreiwitz from his former band Instant Death. The show came to a close with a five-song encore. Up first was the return of La Cucaracha track “Lullaby” for the first time since January 26, 2008 and only the sixth time ever. “Lullaby” featured Gener on keys.

This weekend’s Ween run ends on Sunday afternoon at Atlanta’s SweetWater 420 Fest. A webcast of the band’s set begins at 4 p.m. ET via UphoricTV.

Videos (Captured by Monihampton)

[Freedom Of ’76]


[The Enabler]

[Ode To Rene]

Full Show Audio (Taped by Team Dirty South)

Setlist (via Brownbase)

Set: Did You See Me?, Transdermal Celebration, Doctor Rock, Ooh Va La, The Stallion pt 1, Piss Up a Rope, Learnin’ to Love, Frank, Voodoo Lady, Baby Bitch, Never Squeal> Drums> Never Squeal, Freedom of ’76, Exactly Where I’m At, Mutilated Lips, Buckingham Green, Ode to Rene, How High Can You Fly?, The Enabler, Touch My Tooter, You Fucked Up, Japanese Cowboy, The Argus

Encore: Lullaby, Ocean Man, Squelch the Weasel, Your Party, Buenas Tardes Amigo

  • – Gener on megaphone for Stallion pt 1
  • – Freedom of ’76 with Carol Brooks on vocals
  • – Gener on keys for Lullaby
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