Weekly RecommNeds | Yellowbirds And The Blank Tapes

…then your face will surely show it.

YellowbirdsSongs From The Vanished Frontier

Sam Cohen’s Yellowbirds are sure to help get your giddy on. With this sophomore effort, Cohen’s transformation is all but complete. What was once a project from a former member of a no-longer group is now a standing-on-its-own-two-feet band; what was once the skeleton of a unique sound is now a fully-developed, beautiful landscape of music. On Songs From The Vanished Frontier, every little thing is in the right place and the result is the goods. So smile!

Spotify: Yellowbirds -Songs From The Vanished Frontier

MOG: https://mog.com/m#album/83825721

The Blank Tapes: Vacation

Hey there. Feeling a little mid-week blah? Need to put a smile on your face? Why don’t you try some grin-inducing new music like The Blank Tapes’ aptly named Vacation. With a sunny disposition and a sort of doo wop-swirled-psych-folk, this album is one toe-tapping, good-times track after another. The good vibes melodies run counter to a lot of the lyrics (note that tidal wave, snake and lurking somethings on the cover), but no matter, turn your frown upside down with this fantastic music.

Spotify: The Blank Tapes -Vacation

MOG: https://mog.com/m#album/82572631

Rhapsody: http://www.rhapsody.com/artist/the-blank-tapes/album/vacation

Words By: Aaron Stein