Weekly RecommNeds | Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Widowspeak

By Aaron Stein Nov 20, 2013 2:00 pm PST

With the holiday season approaching, some good stocking stuffers for you…

Unknown Mortal OrchestraII (Deluxe Edition)

If Portland’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra isn’t already on your radar, please do everything you can to get your radar looked at. I’ve already recommended their excellent sophomore album, II, but can’t hurt to remind you again. Today, I’ve got a tack-on rec for the acoustic EP they’ve added to the “deluxe” edition of the album. It’s a real treat to hear the expansive psych-rock tracks from the album take on new life as pretty and compelling acoustic songs. As an added bonus, they’ve thrown in great covers from Beck and Dirty Projectors.

Spotify: Unknown Mortal Orchestra: II (Deluxe Edition)

Rhapsody: Unknown Mortal Orchestra: II (Deluxe Edition)

MOG: Unknown Mortal Orchestra: II (Deluxe Edition)

WidowspeakThe Swamps

Brooklyn’s Widowspeak is the perfect combination of vocals and guitar: Molly Hamilton’s dark and haunting voice matched with Robert Earl Thomas’ reverb-heavy psych-country licks. Earlier this year I highlighted their killer new album, Almanac. Like any great creative force, they’ve continued to turn out more goods and have a follow-up EP, The Swamps, which continues to build on their unique and hypnotic sound.

Spotify: Widowspeak: The Swamps

Rhapsody: Widowspeak: The Swamps

MOG: Widowspeak: The Swamps

Written By: Aaron Stein

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