Weekly RecommNeds | Schnauser and Dodson & Fogg

SchnauserWhere Business Meets Fashion

Schnauser somehow swirls original-era Brit-psych with its bastard cousin prog-rock served up in a present-day pop sound. Intrigued? You should be! I freakin’ love this album! Hailing from Bristol, England, these guys squeezed a variety of heady influences into an easy-to-embrace, fresh sound on Where Business Meets Fashion. Weird, fun and addicting, this is Zappa meets Pavement…in the sky with diamonds.

Spotify: Schnauser -Where Business Meets Fashion

Rhapsody: Schnauser -Where Business Meets Fashion

MOG: Schnauser -Where Business Meets Fashion

Dodson & FoggSounds of Day and Night

Dodson & Fogg is the musical project of Chris Wade out of Leeds in the UK. The sound is one of those catch-all genres that you’re not quite sure whether to call folk, psychedelic or just plain old rock and roll. But when you realize that pretty much every instrument and sound you hear on the album Sounds of Day and Night was played by Wade, you just have to simply call it art. Like any good budding musical genius, Wade crams a lot of ideas into this one – instrumentals, mood pieces, rockers, space-outs – but it never feels busy or overwrought. This is one of three Dodson & Fogg albums in the past year and a half or so, and you’d be doing yourself a favor by checking them all out.

Spotify: Dodson & Fogg: Sounds of Day and Night

MOG: Dodson & Fogg: Sounds of Day and Night

Written By: Aaron Stein