We Banjo 3 Announces New Album ‘Open The Road’ & Shares Single

Preview 'Open The Road' with "Hummingbird."

By Nate Todd May 20, 2022 1:13 pm PDT

We Banjo 3 will issue a new album, Open The Road, on July 15. The self-described “Celtgrass” group from Galway, Ireland previewed the new record with the single “Hummingbird.”

We Banjo 3 consists of two sets of brothers: Enda Scahill and Fergal Scahill as well as David Howley and Martin Howley. Their new album Open The Road follows the 2018 bluegrass chart-topper Haven as well as a live record in 2019 and a holiday LP last year.

Open The Road grew out of the lockdown days of 2020 early on in the pandemic with David Howley and his Nashville roommate Scott Mulvahill using their newfound and ample free time to lay down tracks in their home studio.

“We had a house full of instruments, microphones, coffee and whiskey,” David Howley recalled, “so we did what we could to stay sane.” When David mentioned to Scott he had a new tune in the works, the latter replied “Well let’s finish it then!” as he tore into a new bag of coffee beans.

That song became Open The Road lead single and opening track “Hummingbird,” which the band finished tracking in Maryland nearly two years after the song’s inception in 2020. The new record also features The Infamous StringdustersAndy Hall, who lends dobro to closing cut “Believe In Us,” as well as contributions from drummer Danny Young and keyboardist Josh Shilling.

Preview Open The Road with “Hummingbird” below:

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Open The Road Tracklist:

  1. Hummingbird
  2. Garden Song
  3. Long Way Down
  4. Heart In Hand
  5. Open The Road
  6. Rialto
  7. Gift Of Life
  8. The First Second Gentleman
  9. Alive With You
  10. Believe In Us
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