Watch The Phish Version Of ‘No Men In No Man’s Land’ That Had Mike Gordon Raving

By Scott Bernstein Oct 27, 2016 1:23 pm PDT

As reported the latest issue of Relix features a cover story on Phish. Today Relix has shared a large excerpt from the cover story on the Vermont jam titans and within bassist Mike Gordon talked up a particular live version of Big Boat track “No Men In No Man’s Land.”

Mike has kept a journal about Phish’s live shows since the group’s first years as a band. Relix confirmed that Gordon continues to do so and at points revisits particular moments from past performances. “Sometimes things don’t sound as fresh when I hear them again—I don’t know if it’s the mix or the experience of listening back or my mood or something else,” Gordon admitted to Relix. “Sometimes things feel really unique and creative, like we’re almost writing on the spot—new rhythms, patterns and textures—and then, I hear it back, and it feels like that’s sort of ‘jamband 101.’ And then other times, I’m pleasantly surprised.” The bassist talked up the version of “No Men In No Man’s Land” the quartet played in early September at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park near Denver. “I liked that Trey had this idea of just jamming right out of the gates,” he said. “I loved the ambient jam that came out of the funk part.”

Watch how it went down to see what Cactus meant:

Other topics discussed in the excerpt are Phish’s setlist process, Mike’s love of The Artist’s Way, what Trey learned from “Dead Camp,” why the guitarist is worried about the state of live music and much more. Head here to read the entire excerpt.

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