Video | Rare Phish Clips 1991 – 2000 Remastered

In 2001 Phish announced an innovative live archival series of releases called Live Phish in which they would put out batches of classic shows. Between September 18th, 2001 and May 2003 the group released 20 amazing performances from 1989 to 2000 under the Live Phish moniker as Live Phish Vol. 1 to Live Phish Vol. 20. Back then, Phish la unched a website to promote these releases that contained assorted video clips, audio and photos from many of them that were freely available for streaming or downloading.

The video clips run the gamut from the band’s ’94, ’95, ’96 and ’98 Halloween shows to the “Buried Alive” > “Wipeout” opener from November 27, 1998 to a portion of the only known Phish performance of Charlie Parker’s “Moose The Mooche” from the Giant Country Horns tour. Last November these Live Phish promotional clips made it onto YouTube thanks to TylerPenn. Now, keep in mind these vids were put out way back in the early ’00s when bandwidth was hard to come by, so many are pixelated as hell and the audio is distorted. However, they still give a good look at the footage stuck in Phish’s archives and a view of a number of fine moments in the band’s history. Plus, the “Moose The Mooche” clip is the best of the bunch – a fun watch for Phish fans. Tyler Penn has since “remastered” the clips by increasing the framerate and upgrading the video. Today he posted the “remastered” video, which offers a nice little upgrade. Check out these historic moments from Phish history:

Here’s a list of the clips included in the video:

12/14/1995 -“Makisupa Policeman”
12/14/1995 -“Bold As Love”
07/08/2000 -“Possum”
07/08/2000 -“Rock And Roll”
11/27/1998 -“Buried Alive” > “Wipeout”
08/13/1996 -“Tube”
08/13/1996 -“Weekapaug Groove”
10/31/1994 -“Don’t Pass Me By”
10/31/1995 -“Free”
10/31/1995 -“I’ve Had Enough
10/31/1996 -“Reba”
10/31/1996 -“The Great Curve”
10/31/1998 -“Roggae”
10/31/1998 -“Rock And Roll”
07/12/1991 -“Moose The Mooche”