Video | Jimmy Herring Plays Jerry Garcia Guitar At Soundcheck

By Andy Kahn Apr 20, 2015 12:17 pm PDT

UPDATE: Widespread Panic has also shared video of Jimmy jamming on “Morning Dew” using Jerry’s guitar. We’ve embedded that video below.

Last month we reported Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring had utilized Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia’s Travis Bean TB500 guitar during soundcheck prior to the band’s show at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox in Spokane, Washington. At the time of posting, only a brief clip of Herring, drummer Duane Trucks, percussionist Sunny Ortiz and bassist Dave Schools performing “Morning Dew” had surfaced via the band’s official Instagram account. Today Panic shared a longer video of the musicians jamming on the Grateful Dead song, “He’s Gone.”

The six minute jam from March 14, 2015 showcases Herring offering up some seriously hot licks on an axe that in 2013 was sold at auction for nearly $250K.

Here’s Jimmy using Jerry’s guitar on “Morning Dew” from that same soundcheck:

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