Velvet Underground Footage From 1969 Surfaces


Footage of legendary rockers Velvet Underground performing at a Dallas Vietnam War protest in 1969 has been discovered, digitalized and shared. The previously unseen film was found and digitalized by the team at the G. William Jones Film & Video Collection archive at Southern Methodist University and first pointed out by Dangerous Minds.

The footage was captured on October 15, 1969 outside of the Winfrey Point building. Other acts that played the “Vietnam Moratorium – Dallas Peace Day” were Velvet Dream, Stone Creek, Lou Mitchell, Bradley & David, Faxx Nazz and Lou Rawls. As Dangerous Minds points out, Velvet Underground were in the midst of a week’s worth of shows in Dallas, which was the band’s first ever trip to the south. In the video below, portions of VU’s performances of “I’m Waiting For The Man,” “Beginning To See The Light” and “I’m Set Free” can be heard and seen after an interview with Sterling Morrison that begins around the 2:40 mark:

Additionally, silent B-roll from Dallas Peace Day has been shared by the archive:

[Hat Tip – Consequence Of Sound]