Vampire Weekend Shares ‘40:42’ EP Featuring Goose & Sam Gendel

By Scott Bernstein Feb 4, 2021 6:50 am PST

Vampire Weekend tapped jam quintet Goose and jazz saxophonist Sam Gendel to create their own versions of “2021,” a track from VW’s Father Of The Bride album. Goose and Gendel’s covers have been released by Vampire Weekend as the 40:42 EP.

Each track spans exactly 20:21 which is the only directive Vampire Weekend gave to Goose and Sam Gendel. Both acts took a completely different approach to the assignment.

Goose’s “2021 (January 5th, to be exact)” goes heavy on improvisation and includes beautiful lead vocals from guitarist Rick Mitarotonda. Meanwhile, Sam Gendel’s “2021 (in the space between two pieces of woods)” is a trippy, jazz-tinged affair that covers plenty of ground over the course of its 20 minutes and 21 seconds.

Vampire Weekend self-released 40:42 today on streaming services. Additionally, Ezra Koenig and company shared videos for each track on the Vampire Weekend YouTube channel.

The video for Goose’s “2021 (January 5th, to be exact)” features footage of the five-piece performing the track, while Gendel prepped animation for the “2021 (in the space between two pieces of woods)” video. Watch both visuals below:

Goose – 2021 (January 5th, to be exact)

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Sam Gendel – 2021 (in the space between two pieces of woods)

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