Uncut Magazine Compiles Lost Grateful Dead Album ‘Ramble On Rose’


Those purchasing the September 2015 issue of Uncut Magazine receive a free CD entitled Ramble On Rose which is described as “a unique take on the Grateful Dead‘s legendary lost album, the end of a trilogy that began with Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty.” The CD contains 10 cuts from the band’s early ’70s heyday many from classic concert releases.

The Grateful Dead debuted a slew of new material following the release of American Beauty in November 1970, but didn’t record a new studio album until late 1973 for what would eventually become Wake Of The Flood. Uncut ponders the question what would an album recorded in the middle of that three-year period sound like? They provide an answer in the form of Ramble On Rose, which relies on nine standout live tracks of songs such as “Mr. Charlie,” “Comes A Time” and “Black-Throated Wind” as well as a studio outtake of “To Lay Me Down” from the American Beauty sessions.