Umphreys McGee & Widespread Panic Collaborate In Pittsburgh

Widespread Panic and Umphrey’s McGee completed a three-night stand of shows together at Pittsburgh’s StageAE on Sunday night. Both bands’ sets featured members of the other group sitting in at various points.

Umphrey’s McGee dug deep into their repertoire for a set in bassist Ryan Stasik’s hometown of Pittsburgh with rarities “Believe The Lie” and “Women Wine and Song” among the tunes played. The set also featured an inventive “Wizard Burial Ground” > “Glory” > “Wizard Burial Ground.” For their finale, UM welcomed Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring, keyboardist JoJo Hermann and drummer Duane Trucks for a cover of The Who’s “Eminence Front.”

Widespread Panic closed out the evening with a two-hour set and encore at StageAE. The Georgia rockers mixed material from throughout their career including a performance of the recently debuted original “Steven’s Cat.” Towards the end of the set, guitarist/vocalist John Bell wished the crowd a Happy Father’s Day and invited UM guitarist Brendan Bayliss for a cover of “For What It’s Worth.” The evening ended with Panic bringing Bayliss and Umphrey’s keyboardist Joel Cummins out for “Me & The Devil Blues” before ending the show without any guests on “Action Man.” Next up for Widespread Panic is a Tuesday night show in Lincoln, Nebraska; while Umphrey’s returns to the road on Thursday in Omaha.

Watch members of Panic join Umphrey’s for “Eminence Front” as shot by fan Chanice Kobolowski:

Here’s video of Brendan Bayliss guesting with Panic on “For What It’s Worth” as shot by fan Chanice Kobolowski:


Umphrey’s McGee (via The Bort)

Set: Similar Skin, Deeper > Believe the Lie, Women Wine and Song, Wizard Burial Ground > Glory > Wizard Burial Ground, Hangover, Jajunk, Eminence Front [1]

[1] with Jimmy Herring, Jojo Hermann and Duane Trucks

Widespread Panic (via PanicStream)

Set: Jam > Holden Oversoul, Tickle The Truth > Henry Parsons Died, You Got Yours, Big Wooly Mammoth, Imitation Leather Shoes, Aunt Avis, Rebirtha > Goin’ Out West, Steven’s Cat, Papa’s Home > Drums & Bass > Drums > Papa’s Home, For What It’s Worth*, Fishwater

Encore: Me and the Devil Blues**, Action Man

* -w/ Brendan Bayliss on guitar & vocals ** -w/ Brendan Bayliss on guitar; Joel Cummins on keys