Umphrey’s McGee Shares ‘Uncommon’ Episode Of ‘Anchor Drops Redux’


Umphrey’s McGee has shared a new video detailing the history of “Uncommon” as part of their ongoing Anchor Drops Redux video series. The series supports the group’s similarly titled 15th-anniversary re-release of their 2004 LP Anchor Drops, offering individual video that offer “the history of the album, stories behind the songs, and musings on the early years of the band’s time in Chicago.”

The latest installment focuses on “Uncommon.” Unlike other videos that edit together band interviews, the new clip is formatted as “Drop-Down Video,” with captions explaining how the track came together. The video notes that Brendan Bayliss penned the tune with his neighbor and former bandmate Matt Nolan (who also taught him how to play guitar), making it the only Umphrey’s McGee song that Bayliss has written with someone outside of the band. Originally titled “Save Me” by Nolan, Bayliss eventually asked to write the B section of the song, “interpret[ing] the lyrics as Mike talking to his future wife in a self-deprecating fashion.”

The video also speaks about how Umphrey’s McGee made the song their own. The group omitted a classical guitar break in “Save Me,” with Jake Cinninger instead opting for a more heavy-metal solo in its place. Across the visual, the video also breaks down Nolan and Bayliss’ history, working through the two bands they shared in high school as well as a college funk band. Bayliss was ultimately kicked out of the latter, allowing him time to start up a new project with Ryan Stasik.

Watch the history of “Uncommon” below:

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