Umphreys McGee UMBowl VI Setlist & Recap

By Andy Kahn May 2, 2015 8:57 am PDT

Last night Umphrey’s McGee hosted UMBowl VI at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, reprising their annual five-hour-plus, four quarter football-themed interactive concert event for the first time in Sin City. The first half was made up of songs voted on prior to the show by ticket holding fans while the second half was made up of selections decided in real-time by those in attendance. As in past years, the four quarters of themed musical sets provided UM the opportunity to debut new songs, dig back into old-school favorites and unleash a wealth of improvisation. 

The first quarter had a “Raw Stewage” theme that saw the band reinterpret old “Jimmy Stewart” jam sections into newly structured compositions as voted on in a pre-show ballot. The band dug as far back as May 2005 for source material, but the majority of jams were culled from 2014. In all UM debuted five new compositions in the first quarter, several working in lyrics from the original improvisations. 

The second quarter was also constructed based off of a pre-show fan ballot. The “All Request” quarter served as the vehicle for the night’s biggest bust out: a performance of The Beatles “Helter Skelter” which had been shelved for over 950 shows, having only been played once before also in Vegas on October 28, 2005. Next came keyboardist Joel Cummins leading the rare, full-band “Orfeo” that included an extended “Jimmy Stewart” jam segment. UM then paid tribute to their fallen friend, Brian “Rocker” Schultz, with both “Rocker” and “Rocker 2,” a pairing last seen earlier this year at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on February 6. “In The Black,” another newly penned original, made it’s debut filling the “New Song” entry on the ballot. The quarter and the half closed out with a cover of Rush’s instrumental gem, “YYZ.” 

Fans in attendance took control in the second half, beginning with the third quarter “Stew Art Event.” The completely improvised set saw the band taking cues from the audience at Brooklyn Bowl texting suggestions to drive the uncomposed jams. The third quarter saw the band riffing on such ideas as “Alien Porno Jam,” “Disco Ball Drum N Bass,” “Fear and Loathing” and “Dreaddy Zeppelin” -the last of which included elements of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” and “The Ocean.” Some sections featured improvised lyrics, the band having fun during the “3 AM Dark Dirty Packed Dance Club in Berlin” segment that opened the set by adding German-esque vocals to the mix.

The fourth quarter closed out the show with attendees voting by text message in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” selection process where three options were given for fans to decide the direction of the set. “Bridgeless” won the set opener slot and moved on to UMBowl III “Raw Stewage” debut “Den” which beat out “Dear Lord” and “Pay the Snucka.” Recently debuted original “Hindsight” saw it’s third performance led by guitarist Jake Cinninger. Jaco moved over to the drum kit for the next song, the old favorite “Mamu” making its first appearance since 2012. Fans then decided the band should “Get Weird” in a jam before opting for the Pixies song “Where Is My Mind?” as the set’s cover, chosen over The Beatles’ “Baby You’re A Rich Man” and Genesis’ “That’s All.” The end portion of “All End Time” was the final choice of the fans, bringing the quarter and UMBowl to a close.

Overtime was needed for the encore featuring a preemptive “Hangover” and guitarist Brendan Bayliss telling the crowd he’d see them “later tonight” as the band had moved beyond the 12 a.m. mark (UMBowl VI kicked off just after 7 p.m.). One more debut was in order as UM for the first time played “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by The Band to end overtime and put another UMBowl in the score-book. 

Umphrey’s McGee returns to Brooklyn Bowl Vegas for another show tonight, beginning in typical Vegas fashion at 10 p.m. PT. Tickets are available here.

Setlist (via All Things Umphrey’s

Quarter 1: Non-Compliance[1], Make It Right[1], Remind Me[1], Draconian[1], Stinko’s Ascension[1]

Quarter 2: Helter Skelter -> Orfeo, Rocker > Rocker Part 2, In The Black[1], YYZ

Quarter 3: Stew Art Event

Quarter 4: Bridgeless[2] > Den > Hindsight, Mamu[3], “Get Weird” JO > Where Is My Mind? > All In Time[4]

Overtime: Hangover[5], The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down[6]

[1] debut, original
[2] with Soul Food II and My Soul (Clifton Chenier) teases; unfinished
[3] with Jake replacing Kris on drums
[4] with Where Is My Mind? (Pixies) teases; ending only
[5] with Xxplosive (Dr. Dre) teases
[6] debut, The Band
first quarter was Raw Stewage, comprised of attendees’ votes for past “Jimmy Stewarts”: Non-Compliance (05.04.2014 Wizard Burial Ground), Make It Right (05.11.2005 FF + 02.28.2008 Uncle Wally), Remind Me (03.27.2009 Plunger + 01.01.2015 Phil’s Farm), Draconian (10.30.2014 Eat + 06.19.2014 In the Kitchen), Stinko’s Ascension (06.26.2011 Ringo + 02.20.2014 Much Obliged)

second quarter was comprised of attendees’ votes, “All Request”

third quarter was a Stew Art Event: 3 AM Dark Dirty Packed Dance Club in Berlin [with lyrics in German] > Alien Porno Jam > Barn Yard Stomp > Fear and Loathing > Flamenco Metal > Only Robots Allowed! > Disco Ball Drum N Bass > Soaring Uplifting Jam Part 3 > Funk My Godboner > 70s Porn Theme feat. Stasik [with lyrics from Brendan] > Swingers Lounge Music > Dreaddy Zeppelin [with Black Dog quotes and The Ocean teases]

fourth quarter was in “choose your own adventure” style, with attendees voting for the next “adventure” live: Miss TInkle’s Overture, All In Time, or Bridgeless; Dear Lord, Den, or Pay the Snucka; Educated Guess (JO), Hindsight (JO), or Piranha (JO); Roulette, Space Funk Booty, or Mamu; “Riff Rock” JO, “Groove” JO, or “Get Weird” JO; Baby You’re a Rich Man, Where Is My Mind?, or That’s All; end Bridgeless, end All In Time, or end Miss Tinkle’s Overture

the between-quarter clips had a Swingers theme

last Helter Skelter 10.28.2005 (957 shows)
last Mamu 05.26.2012 (408 shows)

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