Umphrey’s McGee Teases Phish’s ‘Cavern’ At The Caverns


Umphrey’s McGee made their debut at The Caverns in Pelham, Tennessee on Thursday. The band had fun with the name of the venue by performing a taste of “Cavern” by Phish within their own “Utopian Fir.”

Last night’s show began with the instrumental intro “Bathing Digits” giving way to “The Triple Wide.” Then, “In The Black” was followed by “Utopian Fir.” Umphrey’s made a quick turn into the beginning of “Cavern” and keyboardist Joel Cummins sang the first few lines before the band returned to “Utopian.” Greensky Bluegrass covered all of the A Picture Of Nectar classic during their performance at the venue in September. A pairing of “Syncopated Strangers” and “Remind Me” then closed the frame.

The second set got underway with “The Floor” and the 2020 debuts of “Xmas At Wartime,” “Robot World” and David Bowie’s “Fame.” Next, UM fit teases of “Over The Hills & Far Way” into “Nemo,” which bled into “The Bottom Half.” The year’s first “Last Man Swerving” led into “Puppet String” to end the second set. For the encore, UM covered Flock Of Seagull’s “I Ran.”

Watch UM jam on “Cavern” via @SullivaNole below:


Setlist (via All Things Umphrey’s)

Set One: Bathing Digits > The Triple Wide, In The Black, Utopian Fir[1] > Syncopated Strangers, Remind Me

Set Two: The Floor, Xmas at Wartime > Robot World > Fame, Nemo[2] > The Bottom Half, Last Man Swerving > Puppet String

Encore: I Ran

  • [1] with Cavern (Phish) quote
  • [2] with Over the Hills and Far Away (Led Zeppelin) teases

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