Umphrey’s McGee Welcomes TAUK In Dallas On This Date In 2016


Umphrey’s McGee delivered a guest-filled concert at the House Of Blues in Dallas on this date in 2016. The April 23 show saw UM welcoming all four members of opening band TAUK to close out the first set.

Umphrey’s McGee — guitarists Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger, drummer Kris Myers, bassist Ryan Stasik, keyboardist Joel Cummins and percussionist Andy Farag — got the show got underway with the proggy instrumental “Lucid State” (the penultimate performance of the song to date, as per All Things Umphreys) which headed into the even harder-rocking instrumental “Get In The Van.”

The guitar harmony-laced classic “All In Time” followed which in turn led into “Walletsworth.” Brendan and Jake then picked up acoustics for “Gone For Good” and “Uncle Wally.” The guitarists toggled back to electrics for the a sprawling “Utopian Fir” that included some sweet synth stylings from Cummins as the band built the groove before dropping into a jam on Black Sabbath’s “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” ahead of the reggae section, a natural segue into “Walk The Proud Land” (the last performance of the Bob Marley tune to date) featuring “Low Rider” teases.

As UM slid into “Booth Love,” Bayliss addressed the crowd noting that it was the band’s final show of the tour with TAUK and also that it was TAUK drummer Issac Teel’s birthday as Teel, guitarist Ryan Jalbert and keyboardist Alric Carter took the stage. Teel teamed up with Farag behind the auxiliary set up with TAUK bassist Charlie Dolan joining in later. Cumins welcomed Center in keys world and Cinninger and Jalbert traded a few licks in the song’s intro before dropping into the main groove. After Cinninger sang a couple of verses, Jalbert delivered an extended solo with Jake joining him near the end for the blast-off before the band brought it back down for a drums section ahead of the song’s final hits.

The six-song second set got underway with the classic “Bridgeless” which saw the band stretching out a bit after the heavy composed section. The jam led into a pair of vintage tunes, “2×2” (which, as per ATU, contained the almost mythical “Mind Left Body Jam” composed by Paul Kantner and Jerry Garcia) and “Mulche’s Odyssey,” the latter dating back to Cinninger’s band Ali Baba’s Tahini. UM then delivered their choice cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” for the only time in 2016. More old school UM in “August” followed which encompassed “Final Word” before Umphrey’s bookended the second set with “Bridgeless.” The encore got underway with “Drums” featuring Teel on percussion before the band came back out to finish up “All In Time.”

Watch video of the TAUK sit-in on “Booth Love” and listen to the entire April 23, 2016 Dallas show below via Don Olker for this edition of Full Show Friday:

Umphrey’s McGee (See 352 videos)
Umphrey’s McGee (See 739 videos)

Setlist (via ATU)

Set One: Lucid State > Get In The Van, All In Time > Walletsworth, Gone for Good[1], Uncle Wally[1], Utopian Fir[2] -> Walk the Proud Land[3] > Booth Love[4]

Set Two: Bridgeless -> 2×2[5], Mulche’s Odyssey, Kashmir, August -> Final Word > August > Bridgeless

Encore: Drums[6] > All In Time


  • [1] with Brendan and Jake on acoustics
  • [2] with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath) jam
  • [3] with Low Rider (War) teases
  • [4] with Alric Carter on keyboards, Charlie Dolan and Isaac Teel on percussion, and Matt Jalbert on guitar
  • [5] with Mind Left Body (Kanter/Garcia) jam
  • [6] with Isaac Teel on percussion
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