Umphrey’s McGee Plays Guest-Filled Show Without Kris Myers At Suwannee Rising

By Nate Todd Apr 11, 2021 11:23 am PDT

Umphrey’s McGee delivered two sets for their Suwannee Rising headline on Saturday. A number of guests joined the band in the absence of UM drummer Kris Myers.

Umphrey’s guitarist Brendan Bayliss addressed the situation at the beginning of the show. “The bad news is Kris Myers is not going to be here with us tonight,” he said. “The good news is Umphrey’s McGee has two drummers in the band. So, we’re going to be in for a special night, we have some friends going to help us out.” Off we go… “


Set one got underway with “Silent Type,” which saw UM percussionist Andy Farag on drums. Andy stayed behind the kit for the vintage “Hajimemashite” which contained a blast off from guitarist Jake Cinninger before the band dropped into the jam with keyboardist Joel Cummins adding some synth stylings as the band locked into a funky groove. Andy remained on the throne fittingly for “Atmosfarag” and a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (last played on August 17, 2019, as per All Things Umphrey’s) which featured Jake and Brendan trading verses along with an excellent spacey synth solo from Cummins.

Farag would stick around on drums for the beginning of “The Triple Wide” before being relieved by Cinninger who showed off his multi-instrumentalist skills by amazingly playing drums and guitar simultaneously. Jake kept to the kit for another classic, “Sociable Jimmy,” before Goose drummer Ben Atkind played on Talking Heads’ “Making Flippy Floppy” to close out the first set.

Andy hopped back on the throne for the second set opener “Glory” and stayed on the drums for “Attachments” and “Den.” Cinninger then manned the kit for the continuous section of “FF,” “Much Obliged, “Soul Food I” and “Soul Food II.” Lettuce drummer Adam Deitch then helped take the second set home with “Dr. Feelgood” (last time played NYE 2018) and “Push The Pig.” Deitch remerged with the band for an encore of David Bowie’s “Fame” to bring the evening to a close.

Watch partial, audience shot video of “Hajimemashite” and “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” below via the JamBase Live Video Archive:


Patrick Wilson (See 2 videos)
Umphrey’s McGee (See 847 videos)

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Patrick Wilson (See 2 videos)
Umphrey’s McGee (See 847 videos)

Setlist (via ATU)

Set One: The Silent Type[1], Hajimemashite[1] > Atmosfarag[1] > Shine On You Crazy Diamond[1], The Triple Wide[2], Sociable Jimmy[3], Making Flippy Floppy[4]

Set Two: Glory[1], Attachments[1] > Den[1], FF[3] > Much Obliged[3] > Soul Food I[3] > Soul Food II[3], Dr. Feelgood[5] > Push the Pig[5]

Encore: Fame[5]


  • [1] with Andy on drums
  • [2] with Andy then Jake on drums
  • [3] with Jake on drums
  • [4] with Ben Atkind on drums
  • [5] with Adam Deitch on drums
  • entire show without Kris
  • Jake on drums and guitar jam before Making Flippy Floppy
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