Umphrey’s McGee Releases Surprise New Album ‘it’s you’

In January, Umphrey’s McGee celebrated their 20th anniversary and issued a new studio album it’s not us. Today, the band issued a surprise new studio LP entitled it’s you.

The surprise release was recorded during the same November 2016 sessions at Chicago’s IV Lab Studios that yielded it’s not us. UM has only performed three of the 10 songs on it’s you live (“Attachments,” “Upward” and “In The Black”), but the Brendan Bayliss original “Push & Pull” has been played with fellow guitarist Jake Cinninger at the pair’s annual holiday concerts.

“After completing the latest recording sessions and digesting the volume of material we’d tracked, it grew increasingly clear that a single album wasn’t realistic,” keyboardist Joel Cummins stated. “The collective level of enthusiasm around the majority of these tunes made us reluctant to leave much on the cutting room floor (rarely the case).”

Give a listen to it’s you below:


it’s you Tracklist

  1. Triangle Tear
  2. What We Could Get
  3. Push & Pull
  4. In The Black
  5. Xmas at Wartime
  6. Seasons
  7. Nether
  8. Hanging Chads
  9. Attachments
  10. Upward
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