Umphrey’s McGee Releases ‘Easter In Quarantine’ Single

By Scott Bernstein Apr 9, 2020 8:11 pm PDT

Umphrey’s McGee surprised fans by unveiling a new single entitled “Easter In Quarantine.” The tune was penned by the band’s guitarists, Jake Cinninger and Brendan Bayliss.

Work began on “Easter In Quarantine” on March 25, a mere 15 days ago. Jake Cinninger plays all instruments on the tune with Brendan Bayliss providing all vocals. Amongst the instruments utilized by Cinninger were piano, guitar, drums, organ and saxophone. Kevin Browning, Ryan Hewitt and Jake Cinninger produced the track which was recorded by Cinninger and Jim Leep, mixed by Hewitt and mastered by Dan Shike.


“Easter In Quarantine” came with a note from Browning and Team UM which can be read below a lyric video for the track:


Gazing out the window on a chilly, gray day and what lands in my inbox but an unknown track titled “Easter in Quarantine.” Setting down my coffee, I picked up my headphones and hit play on Jake’s latest delivery. The heartbeat of the kick drum and somber piano melody immediately gave me chills. Sparse and emotive, it perfectly captured the mood that morning.

I reached out to Jake to insist we release some iteration of the song and then to Brendan to see if he had heard it yet — he assured me he already had the blank canvas stretched out in front of him. Jake had set the mood, the vibe was there, and the subject matter was all too apparent in the moment. And as Brendan does, he perfectly channeled the sentiments that we’re all experiencing during these bizarre times.

It is said a lot right now and it’s as true as ever: We are all in this together. The feelings of missing one another, of longing for more human connection, are palpable in all of us. We have constructed lives by building a community together, it’s what we know. This pause of unknown length in the middle of that is a new reality which resonates with each of us now.

Music has always been an irreplaceable part of us, and it’s the way we will continue to get through it, together. And we here at Umphrey’s can’t wait to see you on the other side of this crazy moment in history.

In the meantime, let the haunting, moody “Easter In Quarantine” encapsulate the zeitgeist of this surreal experience.

– Kevin Browning & All of Team UM

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