Safety In Numbers: A Look Back At Umphrey’s McGee’s 25 Years Of Live Performances

Take a numerical look back at the band’s live performances over the past 25 years.

By Andy Kahn Jan 21, 2023 8:35 am PST

On January 21, 1998, four friends played a concert at Bridget McGuire’s Filling Station in South Bend, Indiana near the campus of the University Of Notre Dame where the four musicians attended college. The quartet called themselves Umphrey’s McGee and tonight, the band will celebrate 25 years since that fateful performance in front of thousands of fans at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York.

The original lineup consisted of guitarist Brendan Bayliss, bassist Ryan Stasik, keyboardist Joel Cummins and drummer Mike Mirro. The band held the quartet format until March 1998, when percussionist Andy Farag joined the band.

Guitarist Jake Cinninger of fellow South Bend-based band Ali Baba’s Tahini was brought into the fold in September 2000. That lineup remained the same until UM’s December 31, 2002 concert when Mirro left the group and was replaced by current drummer Kris Myers. Mirro sadly died in 2014 at the age of 36.

After Notre Dame, the band moved headquarters from South Bend to Chicago and continued to develop a strong regional following in the Midwest. They have maintained a presence in the area with events such as co-hosting the annual Summer Camp festival in Central Illinois over Memorial Day Weekend and playing over 50 venues in Chicago alone.

With a continuously growing fanbase, the band was soon playing over 100 shows a year, touring around the United States, while also bringing their signature brand of improvisation rock to many international locations, including last year’s destination event in Iceland. The band and its team have been on the forefront of innovations and fan-to-band connections with events like UMBowl, yearly Hall Of Fame voting and much more. UM has 16 studio albums to their credit and nearly endless live releases.


Now, 25 years after that show at Bridget McGuire’s (which closed in 2004), Umphrey’s McGee will take the stage at The Cap for their 2,644th known performance. In recognition of their 25th anniversary – which just so happens to coincide with JamBase’s 25th anniversary this year – below is a numerical look back at the past 25 years of UM. Guitarist Brendan Bayliss may not be impressed by safety in numbers, but the numbers also speak for themselves.

Scroll on for a look back at 25 different aspects of Umphrey’s McGee’s history from the past 25 years. All stats via the amazing team at All Things Umphrey’s.

Umphrey’s McGee: 25 Years Through The Numbers

1. Total Songs Played – 43,519

2. Total Shows Played – 2,643

3. Biggest Bust Out – Stop – 2,251 Show Gap (June 2000 to May 2019)

Stop – May 23, 2019

shinepigeon (See 1,437 videos)
Umphrey’s McGee (See 844 videos)

4. Total Unique Songs – 1,008

5. Total Venues Played – 875

6. Total Unique Covers Played – 650

7. Most Played Original – All In Time (568 times)

All in Time – October 29, 2011 – Atlanta)

8. Total Number Of Guest Sit-Ins – 353

9. Total Unique Originals Played – 338

10. Most Played State – Illinois (333 performances)

11. Year With Most Unique Songs Played – 2013 (328)

12. Most Played City – Chicago (164 shows)

13. Year With Most Shows – 2002 (160 Shows)

May 16, 2002 – Chicago

longjams4three (See 4 videos)
Umphrey’s McGee (See 844 videos)

14. Song Played Most In A Single Year – Push The Pig 2002 (86 times)

15. Most Played Cover – Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin (86 times)

16. Longest Improvisation – January 21, 2017 (67:40)

January 21, 2017 – Taped by opsopcopolis

17. Most Played Venues – Festival: Three Sisters Park (65), Non-Fest: Canopy Club (38)

18. Longest Uninterrupted Song – Ringo – December 30, 2019 (62:11)

Ringo – December 30, 2019

Umphrey’s McGee (See 382 videos)
Umphrey’s McGee (See 844 videos)

19. Most Played Opener – There’s No Crying In Mexico (59 times)

20. Venues Played In Chicago – 56

21. Most Guest Appearances – Michael “Mad Dog” Mavridoglou (38 appearances)

Fenced In – December 31, 2019

Umphrey’s McGee (See 382 videos)
Umphrey’s McGee (See 844 videos)

22. Year With Most Original Song Debuts – 1998 (33 songs)

23. Year With Least Shows – 2020 (32 shows)

24. Total Countries Played – 14

25. Number Of UMBowls – 9

UMBowl VIII – Stew Art – October 9, 2021


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