Ty Segall Announces New Album ‘Hello, Hi’ & Shares Single

Hear the title track to 'Hello, Hi.'

By Nate Todd Apr 26, 2022 3:59 pm PDT

Ty Segall will issue a new album, Hello, Hi, on July 22 via Drag City. The guitarist and singer-songwriter also shared the LP’s title track.

Hello, Hi follows the prolific artist’s 2021 album Harmonizer. The new LP was mostly recorded by Segall by himself at his home using guitars of both the acoustic and electric varieties, his voice and more.

The isolation suits the songs,” press materials for the album noted, “you’re only ever as ‘at home’ as you are with yourself in the mirror. Ty’s acoustic and electric guitars and vocal harmonies layer self upon self, forming a spiny backbone for the album. Textures at once gentle and dissonant root the songs as they make their move: melodic arcs convulsing in doubt and bliss and rage.”

The press release also detailed the title track:

“The lead single and title track ‘Hello, Hi,’ is a fresh-spun earworm singing the delicate brutality of introversion. Metal alchemizing bubblegum the old-fashioned way: guitar licks haloed by a daisy chain of melody. Vocals flutter like butterflies, promising to break us out of the god-damned bubble that runs our lives.”

Listen to “Hello, Hi” below:

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