Ty Segall Drag City Spotify Playlist


Chicago-based independent record label Drag City long held out from adding its catalog to streaming services before breaking that stance last year when some recordings were made available on Apple Music. Many Drag City releases are now available to stream on Spotify as well, including an extensive cache issued by guitarist Ty Segall.

The prolific Southern California-based musician has released many singles, EP and LP via Drag City since 2011. This edition of Saturday Stream presents a Spotify Playlist that samples from Segall’s recently made available Drag City releases.

The collection showcases two songs from each of Ty’s various Drag City records. From 2011 there are the original 7-inch vinyl singles “I Can’t Feel It” and “Spiders” and the full-length Goodbye Head. Those are followed by 2012’s full-length Twins and the 2013 7-inch “Would You Be My Love?” and LP Sleeper.

The playlist progresses through the 2014 album Manipulator, compilation Singles 2 and 7-inch “Feel.” Two tracks come from the 2016 album Emotional Mugger and there’s a pair from the 2017 charity EP Fried Shallots. Also from 2017 are songs from that year’s self-titled LP. The set concludes with two tunes from the 2018 full-length Freedom’s Goblin and two tracks Segall wrote for the 2012 collaboration with White Fence entitled “Hair.”

Listen below:

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