Two Times One Edition: Ross Hammond & Noveller


Ross Hammond: Follow Your Heart

RecommNeds is always on the lookout for great solo guitar playing of all varieties. I’ve got the first two great solo guitar records of 2017 that couldn’t be more different: a little his/hers acoustic/electric, ego/id of the 6-string. First up is Ross Hammond, a regular around here for good reason. His recent release is Follow Your Heart, a solo 12-string and resonator guitar effort that is equal parts beautiful and ferocious. Recorded at an old church in Sacramento, Hammond channels something deep and spiritual out of his surroundings and instruments. This one is special, listen to it, savor it.


Noveller: A Pink Sunset For No One

On the flip side of the coin we have Sarah Lipstate who creates music under the name Noveller. “Creates” is the right word here, her songs are layered architectures of sound, impressively engineered, but still a radiant delight to listen to. Each track on her brand new release, A Pink Sunset For No One, is a thrilling brain-journey: ambient meditations, majestic works of art, experimental explorations. Where analog and digital meet is where you’ll find Noveller, creating something wonderful.