Twiddle Welcomes Dopapod’s Rob Compa & Eli Winderman At Apple Valley

By Nate Todd May 28, 2021 12:23 pm PDT

Twiddle kicked off their four-night run at Apple Valley Park in LaFayette, New York on Thursday. Dopapod guitarist Rob Compa and keyboardist Eli Winderman would join Twiddle to help close out their set.

The Dopapod members were on hand as support for the Twiddle Apple Valley opener (Dopapod will get things started tonight as well). Twiddle kicked off their set with the relatively new song “Collective Pulse” followed by the more vintage tunes “Carter Candlestick,” “Second Wind” and “Hattibagen McRat.” Twiddle kept up the classics with “Beehop” from their 2011 album Somewhere On The Mountain, which led into the band’s “Ganja Medley” before returning to “Beehop.” “Moments” and the staple “Zazu’s Flight” followed before Twiddle welcomed Compa and Winderman on the closing number, “Syncopated Healing.”

Twiddle guitarist Mihali Savoulidis indicated that Compa would be joining in for the final number before leading the band through the verses as Rob emerged on guitar. Twiddle then dropped into “Syncopated Healing’s” mellow jam section, which Compa revved up with some soaring soloing. As the jam built, Winderman made somewhat of a surprise appearance in keyboard world with Twiddle’s Ryan Dempsey, aiding the band on the final blast off before they headed back into the last verse.

Watch full show video from Michael Liacos below via the Jambase Live Video Archive:

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Twiddle at Apple Valley Park

  • Collective Pulse
  • Carter Candlestick
  • Second Wind
  • Hattibagen McRat
  • Beehop  
  • Ganja Medley  
  • Moments
  • Zazu's Flight
  • Syncopated Healing  
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