TV Broken 3rd Eye Open Releases New Self-Titled Album

Listen to the band’s new album featuring a cover of Shpongle’s “Dorset Perception.”

By Team JamBase Feb 15, 2022 2:00 pm PST

TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s new self-titled album is available now to stream or download. The veteran band’s first full-length studio release features a cover of Shpongle’s “Dorset Perception.”

TV Broken 3rd Eye Open is an eclectic and versatile band that fuses a multitude of (world or global-music) styles into a psychedelic explosion of sound. Featuring didgeridoos, saxophones, sitars, guitars, world percussion, drums, bass, flutes, harmonicas, banjos, and the kitchen sink, it is a musical ensemble like no other.

The seven-song LP was produced by the band and the group’s drummer Nathan Harvey and recorded at his studio with award-winning engineer Trevor Coulter. The album was mixed by JP Hesser at Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura, California. Along with Harvey on drums, the record features Adrian Johnson (guitar, flute, harmonica, didgeridoo), Jasym Ellis (lead guitar), Alex Mello (keyboards, organ, synthesizers), Roberto Rodriguez (percussion), Travis Soto (bass), Chris Hoogewerff (saxophone), Wesley Etienne (trombone), Dave Bass (bass clarinet, flute, sax, triangle). The album’s seven songs each span beyond six minutes in length. The longest, “Flatscreen Jacuzzi,” is a 12-minute track that features Johnson’s didgeridoo.

The album was almost not to be when a hard drive containing the recordings was stolen. According to Harvey:

“[The record] was lost for a month over the pandemic. My car was stolen and the hard drive was in there. When they found my car, the hard drive and all my gear were stolen, but they left a wallet. I found and contacted the person who stole my car through Facebook and their girlfriend responded. I begged that my art was on the drive and I needed it. She ended up going to the place that my stuff was at and taking it for me and meeting me. Without that act, it would not be.”

The band draws inspiration from a myriad of musical genres such as Afro-funk, jazz, psychedelic groove, Indian, folk, blues, and even spaghetti western styles. The TV Broken 3rd Eye Open experience also brings a stunning visual experience with sacred geometry and psychedelic imagery projections on stage during the performance. Some of the visual artists associated with TV Broken are Pickles Visuals, Vision from the Source and Mad Alchemy.

TV Broken 3rd Eye Open has for several years been a staple in the transformational festival circuit. The band will perform in April at the Santa Barbara: Lucidity Festival 2022.

Click here for links to download TV Broken 3rd Eye Open. Stream TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s new self-titled album below:

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