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Brooklyn-based Turkuaz and Buffalo, New York’s Aqueous begin a run of four shows together tonight (Thursday, April 4) at the State Theatre in State College, Pennsylvania. The brief jaunt continues at Infinity Hall Hartford on Friday, April 5 and at Brooklyn Steel on Saturday, April 6. Then, on April 12, the two bands team up at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. In advance of the dates, the members of Turkuaz interviewed Aqueous before Aqueous returned the favor.

Turkuaz Interviews Aqueous

Turkuaz: How tired are you of being asked how you came up with the band’s name?

Aqueous: Next question.

Turkuaz: Who has the best wings and pizza in Buffalo?

Aqueous (David Loss):: Wings: Gabriel’s Gate. Pizza: Franco’s

Turkuaz: Who in the band would be the most likely to survive jumping off Niagara Falls?

Aqueous (Evan McPhaden): I think Dave would survive. He would probably gracefully glide down like an angel. And I believe in his buoyancy.

Turkuaz: Which artist would you prefer if you could only listen to them for the rest of your life – Bob Dylan or Van Halen?

Aqueous (David Loss): Van Halen not Van Hagar! I’m a rocker through and through.

Aqueous (Evan McPhaden): Bob Dylan. I could only listen to at most three Van Halen songs until I “Jump” off a cliff.

Turkuaz: If you were in Turkuaz, which color would you each want to be?

Aqueous (David Loss): I’d have to go with white. Craig [Brodhead] and I both do the guitar/keys thing, so I think it would be fitting.

Aqueous w/ Turkuaz Horns – The Power Of Love

Aqueous (Evan McPhaden): I actually fancy orange just like Taylor [Shell]. Plus, it would match my beard.

Aqueous (Rob Houk): Neon brown.

Aqueous Interview Turkuaz

Aqueous: How did each of you choose your color, or did the colors choose you?

Turkuaz: We like to say the colors chose us. The truth is, in the early days of the band Josh [Schwartz] found jumpsuits for the horn section to wear and it became a thing we did for a while. Years later, Dani Brandwein was putting together wardrobe ideas for the band and she found a jumpsuit in a different color for each member. Those are the colors we all have continued to wear over the years.

Aqueous: We left Dave at a gas station one time. Have you ever left a member of the band or crew behind by mistake?

Turkuaz: Too many times to count. There are a lot of us. Everyone eventually found their way back to us (we’re pretty sure). We try and do a daily headcount.

Aqueous: Guilty pleasure artist/album?

Turkuaz: Taylor loves the Crash Test Dummies. And Dave [Brandwein] grew up listening to lots of Fountains of Wayne. Not sure if these are guilty pleasures but also the BeeGees, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.

Aqueous: What is the tour snack you guys can’t live without?

Turkuaz: We like Blue Diamond almonds and McClure’s spicy pickles a lot! More importantly than snacks, we live off of plain seltzer water! Regular water is for losers!

Aqueous: Where is the must-eat place in Brooklyn?

Turkuaz: Man, there are just so many. Too many to name. Knickerbocker Bagel is a new bagel place that is really awesome. Di Fara Pizza is legendary and opened a new location in Williamsburg. Faro has amazing fresh homemade pasta. M Noodle has great Chinese food. There’s too many to name!

Turkuaz w/ Mike Gantzer – July 16, 2015 Captured by StrawberryIsland Dweller

Aqueous: Seinfeld or Friends?

Turkuaz: We have more than one die-hard Seinfeld fan in the band. In fact, there is even a deep-cut Seinfeld reference in one of our songs on Digitonium. We dare someone to try and find it! Oh, but Sammi [Garett] loves Friends!

Aqueous: Does anyone in the band have any hidden talents?

Turkuaz: Mikey [Carubba] has a really great singing voice, especially his falsetto! Chris [Brouwers] can go a full day without eating, and he also won’t complain.

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