Turkuaz Shares ‘Afterlife Vol. 1’ EP


Powerhouse funk outfit Turkuaz both announced and released a new EP today. Afterlife Vol. 1 features additional material from the 2016 – 2018 sessions that yielded their recent Life In The City LP. As the title of the EP implies, a second installment is coming and is due this summer.

The five-track Afterlife Vol. 1 includes the original demo of the band’s popular “On The Run” single, studio versions of live staples “Take It Slow” and “Gogo Mr. Dodo” and a pair of never before heard tunes: “Roll Away” and “Mojo Filter.” Here’s what guitarist/vocalist Dave Brandwein said of the version of “On The Run” featured on the EP:

“The process of making the record truly started back when making demos at my apartment. I was between studios and took it as an opportunity to start writing. I put together the demo for ‘On the Run’ one night while sitting in my room, layering parts on synths and guitars. Determined not to use the drum machine sequence I made, we went to a studio to record Mikey [Carubba]’s drums and some percussion from Nate Werth (Snarky Puppy, Ghost Note).”

Dave also weighed in on “Take It Slow” and “Gogo Mr. Dodo”:

“Both songs started as demos by Craig Brodhead (guitar/keys), which I wrote the lyrics and melody over. In both cases, I knew that I was not the one who should sing these songs. Josh [Schwartz, saxophone] and Shira [Elias, vocals] respectively embody the vibe of these tunes so well and make them completely their own, so their voices are featured on the tracks.”

“Roll Away” is based on a grove created by bassist Taylor Shell, while “Mojo Filter” emerged out of an impromptu jam session and was developed fully in the studio. Listen to Afterlife Vol. 1 below:

Afterlife Vol. 1 Tracklist

  1. Roll Away
  2. Take It Slow
  3. Mojo Filter
  4. On The Run (Demo Mix)
  5. Gogo Mr. Dodo

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