The Trongone Band Shares ‘NOLA State Of Mind’ Single: Exclusive Premiere

By Scott Bernstein Oct 31, 2019 10:31 am PDT

Richmond, Virginia’s The Trongone Band are gearing up to release a new studio album via Harmonized Records in Spring 2020. JamBase is pleased to preview the album by sharing its lead single, the Dave Schools-produced “NOLA State Of Mind.”

The Trongone Band and Widespread Panic bassist, who also hails from Richmond, assembled at the city’s Montrose Recording Studios facility earlier this year. “Schools wanted us to capture the tune, specifically the intro, as if we were in a smokey bar, down on Bourbon Street, in those ‘trouble hours’ between the late-night shows getting out and the pre-dawn,” explained drummer Johnny Trongone. “It’s an amazing coincidence then that, while this track premieres, we’ll actually be playing Panic after-shows in New Orleans all weekend. We won’t just play this tune these next few nights; we’ll be living it, too!”

“We’re from Richmond, Virginia which has a burgeoning music scene, but when we pulled into New Orleans for the first time, we were blown away by the explosion of music and culture in every nook and cranny. It was surreal,” added guitarist Andrew Trongone. “So this song came about after that first visit for Jazz Fest a few years ago, and may or may not have been further influenced by a particular night of total rock ‘n’ roll excess. But overdoing it seems like an initiation rite in that city. It was such a deep experience that this was one of those tunes that just kind of wrote itself.”

Listen to “NOLA State Of Mind,” which was mixed by Bassy Bob Brockman and mastered by Glenn Schick, below:

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