Trey Anastasio Shares Note About Tortola Relief Fund & Acoustic Recordings


Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio started visiting Tortola in the British Virgin Islands in 1992 and fell in love the island. Trey has since made a trip to the island an annual destination for himself and his family. Sadly, Tortola took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma last week and the island has been “completely devastated” as per Trey. Anastasio wrote an essay about Tortola and is asking fans to donate to The Waterwheel Foundation’s Tortola Relief Fund. Trey also shared a handful of solo acoustic recordings he made on Tortola ahead of his first ever solo acoustic shows earlier this year.

Anatasio explains, “The island looks like it was leveled by a bomb. It’s been completely devastated. There’s no electricity, no basic services, water, shelter…many, many people are homeless – many yet unaccounted for. The situation is desperate.” Trey and his wife Sue will be matching donations to the Tortola Relief Fund.

Trey also discusses also the songs he wrote on Tortola including “Lifeboy” and more recently “Mercury,” “Breath & Burning,” “Tide Turns” and “More.” Anastasio weighs in specifically about the Hoist ballad, “I remember writing the melody for ‘Lifeboy’ while walking with my little travel guitar in the hot sun on that first trip in 1992. I can still hear the pace of the island in that guitar riff.” The guitarist also shared memories of bringing the staff of the Jolly Roger, a little tavern that helped originally guide him to Tortola, to a Phish show in the summer of 2003.

Head here to read Trey’s essay and click here to donate.

Listen to three recordings Trey made on Tortola ahead of his solo shows earlier this year:

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