Trey Anastasio Recreates Meme’d Photo On Halloween In Los Angeles

By Scott Bernstein Nov 1, 2017 7:29 am PDT

A few weeks ago Trey Anastasio went out to get himself a Smoothie. A Phish fan happened to catch an image of Trey pondering just which Smoothie to purchase and said fan then posted the photo on Phantasy Tour. From there, the photo went viral with fans photoshopping the pensive Trey holding a bag of oranges in many different locations like at an animal shelter, on the cover of Rift, outside of the store where he bought his famed Gucci shirt and as part of Star Wars. On Halloween night in Los Angeles, Trey trolled the trollers.

Anastasio took the stage at The Wiltern in Los Angeles wearing a similar outfit to the one he wore earlier this month at the Smoothie Shop. Trey carried the same bag of oranges and posed with the same pensive look on his face for a few moments at the start of the show. Anastasio recreated the image that went viral ahead of a full Trey Anastasio Band show in L.A. Here’s the original photo thanks to PTer Paulbroneal96, who purportedly bought Trey a Smoothie after snapping the photo:

Trey’s costume/posing at the start of the show was the only true reference to Halloween. Anastasio’s troupe opened with “Sand” and then played the recently debuted “Soul Planet.” Next up was an adventurous “Money Love & Change” followed by a run of “Bounce,” “Alive Again” and “Dark & Down.” From there, TAB played “Land Of Nod” and “Gotta Jibboo” before Jennifer Hartswick stepped into the spotlight to front a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed & Confused.”

“First Tube” gave the second set an energetic start and was followed by a jammy “Night Speaks.” Trey then led the other recently debuted “Soul” song, “Set Your Soul Free.” A sequence of “Liquid Time” > “Burlap Sack & Pumps” came next ahead of a “Everything’ Right”/”Valentine” pairing. TAB ended the set with “Alaska,” a cover of Gorillaz’s “Clint Eastwood” and the always welcome “Mr. Completely.” For the encore, the Trey Anastasio Band said farewell with “Drifting” and the fitting “Tuesday.”

Check out a photo shared by Trey’s Instagram:

Watch video captured by Z-Man:

[Set One]

[Set Two]

Setlist (via Forum)

Set One: Sand, Soul Planet, Money Love & Change, Bounce > Alive Again, Dark & Down, Land Of Nod, Gotta Jibboo, Dazed and Confused

Set Two: First Tube, Night Speaks to a Woman, Set Your Soul Free, Liquid Time > Burlap Sack and Pumps, Everything’s Right > Valentine, Alaska > Clint Eastwood > Mr. Completely

Encore: Drifting, Tuesday

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