Phish Guitarist Trey Anastasio Launches Music Lesson Video Series

Watch the guitarist teach how to divide rhythm in his first lesson.

By Scott Bernstein Jan 28, 2022 6:36 pm PST

Trey Anastasio of Phish posted a 19-minute video on his social feeds featuring a lesson for aspiring musicians and said more would follow. The guitarist focused on rhythm in the first installment of the instructional video series.

Anastasio explained he feels not only do many musical instruction books and videos make the basics complicated, but social media often leaves him feel horrible. This new series will address both issues by giving those interested the tools to gain the same joy and fun he gets from playing guitar.

“I had this lightning bolt moment that I could do tiny little music lessons for people who are younger, who are starting out on any instrument and share some of the things I learned and use [social media] for something a little more positive,” Trey said early in the video. “I go to bed early because I’m so excited to wake up and play the guitar in the morning. I wish everybody had that feeling, so maybe I can help with that,” Anastasio added.

The 57-year-old musician started out playing drums and suggested those beginning do the same. He also advised novices to “love music first and listen to everyone, listen to anything.” Trey picked JJ Cale, D’Angelo (Voodoo in particular) and Billie Holiday as musicians who “explored the back of the beat better than anyone [he’s] ever heard.” Anastasio then began discussing rhythm and showed the way to divide rhythm while accompanied by a metronome.

Trey gave examples of different time signatures, talked about how Talking Heads’ Remain In Light album influenced him and repeated his mantra that anyone can play music. “As long as you’re sitting at home, you might as well come out of the crazy two years we’re having playing an instrument,” he added.

Trey mentioned he would be back with a new lesson tomorrow towards the end of the video yet pulled back a little as he concluded the clip by saying, “Hopefully, I’ll do this again.” Watch Trey Anastasio’s first social media music lesson below:

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