‘Madhuvanastasio’: Trey Anastasio Band & Goose Bring TABoose To Syracuse

Anastasio came out with Goose for “Madhuvan” and “Animal” and Rick and Peter joined TAB for several songs as well.

By Ryan Storm Nov 19, 2022 9:04 am PST

For the penultimate stop on Trey Anastasio Band and Goose’s fall tour, the two bands took over War Memorial Arena in Syracuse, New York. Over two sets, both groups showed their comfort level in the arena setting and playing with each other that they have gained over the tour so far.

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Goose began their set with “Slow Ready,” easing in with the sultry synth-drenched songs. Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed a change in guitarist Rick Mitarotonda’s amp setup – instead of the Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 we are used to seeing behind him, last night in Syracuse he used a setup not unlike Trey’s classic Mesa Boogie III and a 2×12 wooden cabinet.

Ripping into “Jive I” next, the first of the “Jive” triptych to make an appearance this tour saw Mitarotonda and guitarist/keyboardist Peter Anspach trading licks over a hot intro jam ahead of a strong take on the song. “Jive Lee” offered just under 10 minutes of solid improvisation, with bassist Trevor Weekz laying down a foundation for Anspach and Mitarotonda to work over.

“Bob Don” came next – an apt performance possibly in honor of the release of EP Undecided yesterday, a surprise drop of four songs recorded during the Dripfield sessions in 2021. “Bob Don” is included on this release, though under the song’s original name “Undecided.” Last night’s version featured the extended outro jam beloved by fans – Anspach’s gentle piano and percussionist Jeff Arevalo’s contributions accentuated the laid-back groove.

A surprise performance of fan-favorite “Factory Fiction” continued the set – the song’s shortest gap ever at just three shows. After a dissonant jam that led to a blazing peak, Goose invited Trey Anastasio onstage to help close out the set. Starting the sit-in with the highly anticipated “Madhuvan” (or “Madhuvanastasio” as it has been called), Anastasio added perfectly to the song, throwing in little riffs and accents as Mitarotonda sang his way through.

Beginning the jam in a spacey motif, Anspach laid some vibraphone-infused piano down as the two guitarists explored the terrain. Starting up a descending progression on piano that the rest of the band quickly locked into, Anastasio led the way through a major-key section as Mitarotonda joined in for some spot-on harmonization work. Insistent playing from drummer Ben Atkind gradually increased the pace and intensity as the peak drew closer. Locking in on some twin sustain action, the dual-guitar attack shredded the classic Goose jam vehicle to pieces before quieting down into some tension/release runs. Undeniably the improvisational highlight of the night.

Bringing out TAB drummer Russ Lawton to help close the set, Goose worked up the catchy “Animal.” With one show remaining, the quintet has proved beyond a doubt that they are up to the arena-size sound.

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Before TAB began their set, Trey took a moment to note that percussionist Cyro Baptista would be absent from last night’s concert – an emergency health issue had popped up before showtime. Dedicating the opening “I Never Needed You Like This Before” to the absent percussionist, Trey immediately began stretching his legs improvisationally more than he has all tour with TAB.

The patience and more extended takes on songs continued through “Blaze On” and “Wolfman’s Brother,” seeing Trey leading jams yet also weaving melodies with keyboardist Ray Paczkowski.

“Blazing Down the Twisted Wire” from 2022’s Mercy offered an uptempo breather ahead of “Sand” – bassist Dezron Douglas digging into the song’s signature riff as Trey once again stretched the song slightly beyond its normal length. The peppy “Shine” came next before a deep and groovy “46 Days.” The Phish song saw the horn section departing the stage as Trey shredded over the moody groove. Paczkowski provided the perfect backdrop to the fretboard fireworks on organ and clavinet.

Numerous peaks later, Trey brought Mitarotonda and Anspach back onstage for an extended sit-in that began with the tour’s second “Mr. Completely.” Taking the first part of the jam to face off with Mitarotonda, Trey traded licks with the Goose guitarist before handing it off to Jennifer Hartswick on trumpet. Modulating into the typical solo section, trombonist Natalie Cressman stepped up next as we were treated to an extended solo where she and Trey faced off at center stage. Anspach took a solo next, Paczkowski egging him on just like in Glens Falls earlier in the tour.

As the song drew to a close, Lawton and Douglas eased their way into the “Plasma” groove. Trey led the way on this jam, first on some eerie whammy pedal work and then switching on his various synth pedals for a more dissonant section. Paczkowski’s distorted organ perfectly suited the spacey and out-there jam, evolving into one of the most experimental TAB performances of the tour. The 10-piece band then delivered a hot “A Wave of Hope” to close the extended sit-in and set.

For the encore, Anspach and Mitarotonda returned to the stage for the tour’s first “Quantegy” and another blazing reading of “Money, Love And Change,” once more highlighting how locked in the two lead guitarists are to each other at this point in the tour.

With one more show left in TABoose tour, both bands are primed to deliver incredible performances at the closer tonight in Reading, Pennsylvania. Livestreams are available for purchase via nugs.net.

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Trey Anastasio Band (via Phish.net)

Set: I Never Needed You Like This Before, Blaze On, Wolfman’s Brother, Blazing Down the Twisted Wire, Sand, Shine, 46 Days, Mr. Completely [1] > Plasma[1] > A Wave of Hope[1]

Encore: Quantegy[1] > Money, Love and Change[1]


  • [1] Rick Mitarotonda on guitar and Peter Anspach on keys.

Goose (via ElGoose.net)

Set: Slow Ready > Jive I > Jive Lee, Bob Don[1], Factory Fiction, Madhuvan[2], Animal[3]


  • [1] With outro jam.
  • [2] With Trey Anastasio on guitar.
  • [3] With Trey Anastasio on guitar and Russ Lawton on percussion.
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